I Just Need to Talk; or, The Obligatory Writer’s Block Post

The tough thing about making it a blog goal to write on a consistent basis is that sometimes this requires me to write when I have absolutely no idea what to talk about. I mean, that’s really the point, I suppose – consistency is all about writing even when you don’t have itchy fingers ready to type a 2000 word article about something you are passionate about. And I’ve been doing better about coming up with things to talk about, but today I really need to just sit down and type about nothing in particular. There’s not gonna be any focus here, no theme unifying the whole article – just me, talking about games for a bit. If you’re down for that, welcome aboard!

So I picked up ARMS on the Switch and I’m starting to have just the teeniest bit of buyer’s remorse. I loved the Global Testpunch and despite not doing super great I still enjoyed the game enough that I thought it warranted a purchase. Now that I have the game…I don’t know. I don’t feel like the single player experience of ARMS is strong enough to stand on its own – you really have to play multiplayer to get anything out of it. But the multiplayer is starting to wear a little thin in my view, particularly in the sense that it is not the fastest way to make money to spend in the ARM Getter. The thing that motivates me to keep playing is that I really want to unlock a variety of ARMS for different characters, but playing through Grand Prix is tiring and Party Mode seems like a serious grind.
ARMS Byte and BarqI’m not trying to say that ARMS is bad by any means – in fact, it’s the opposite: I am the one who is bad. Bad at ARMS. I’ve been playing for a couple of hours each night, but my progress is slow and I’ve barely gotten better enough to move up one skill level in Grand Prix. When I face opponents online, I immediately find myself facing defeat after defeat. It’s particularly frustrating when you consider that the full version of the game has some kind of system for tracking losses and starts giving you a full rush meter at the start of combat when you’ve been doing badly for awhile. Meanwhile, players who are doing particularly well might start a battle with a lower health bar segment than everyone else. Every time I find myself getting a full rush meter for free, I feel like the game is saying “okay, honey, let’s give you a chance to maybe win one match too.”

I’m gonna continue playing and trying to better myself. Hopefully I’ll get good enough soon that I feel like I can compete a little bit online. More wins means more coins, which means I’ll actually be able to spend some serious money at the ARM Getter and collect a greater variety of weapons. That’s my ultimate goal here, and I just need to remind myself that there’s really no rush – an hour or so a night of practice will help me get to the point where I can play well. I’ll never be tournament material, but once I can win more often than just once every ten fights I’ll enjoy the game a little more.


Goodbye, sweet Gullet.

A few adventurers have been enjoying my miniature tales of this Nuzlocke on Twitter, and I’ve been enjoying playing the game so far. I finally managed to finish Pokemon Moon after nearly five months of not paying any attention to it. Immediately after completing the main story, I decided that I cared absolutely zilch for the Ultra Beast postgame and instead opted to participate in what has become my favorite aspect of playing Pokemon – the Nuzlocke challenge.

If you’re not familiar with the idea of a Nuzlocke, it’s a challenge where you are limited in the number of Pokemon you can capture and where any fainted Pokemon are considered slain and sent away forever. Permadeath and limited captures actually makes it possible to “game over” in Pokemon, and your Nuzlocke is considered over if you white out against an enemy (lose your entire party). I’ve played multiple Nuzlockes of many different types, but for my first Pokemon Moon challenge run I am sticking to the basic rules.

So far Moon has been a bit more on the challenging side. I’m being careful not to get overleveled so I won’t breeze through, but that’s not the main reason I’ve run into problems – my team has terrible type coverage. I chose Popplio as my starter as I consider the water Pokemon to be the most combat-viable starter in this generation. I named him Riverdance, because he likes to dance and he’s a water type. Yeah, I know, crappy nickname. It’s my Nuzlocke, suckers!
Popplio.pngAfter Popplio came Vicki the Pikipek, a Flying type that shares a certain weakness with Popplio – electricity. With my growing Electric weakness, I needed something that could protect my team from this devastating type. Instead, I caught Gullet the Wingull, a Pokemon that is twice as vulnerable to Electric attacks as my two other Pokemon. When my next potential capture was a Magnemite, I had a serious problem. None of my Pokemon could realistically endure more than one Thundershock attack. I needed Magnemite on my team – its resistances are stellar and would protect the rest of my team perfectly – but to make it happen I needed to sacrifice someone to its electrical might. That sacrifice ended up being Gullet, whose very presence on the battlefield seemed to bait out the Thundershock attack that Magnemite had been avoiding up to that point.

Gullet is now resting in peace in a graveyard set aside for my fallen comrades. I’m sure he will not be the last to be placed there.

So that’s what I have been up to, adventurers, enjoying a new game and a game I have had for awhile side by side. What games have you been playing lately? Are you playing them for the first time or delving once again into a familiar world? Let me know in the comments, and who knows – maybe I’ll hear about something new to add to my repertoire. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week, adventurers!

8 thoughts on “I Just Need to Talk; or, The Obligatory Writer’s Block Post

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    1. I’ve started IV but was never able to finish it – the difficulty struck me as particularly steep. Of course, that was quite a few years ago. Perhaps it isn’t that bad with some JRPG skills under your belt!

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  1. I love ARMS. I am doing ok in multiplayer. One match I got wrecked, but the next I wrecked somebody pretty bad. The coins do seem to trickle in slowly, but it’s not making progression any worse for me. In the end, the core game is super addictive, accessible and very deep. I’m loving everything about it. Super excited to see more content come forth.

    That’s a pretty dark way to play Pokemon with permadeath. I don’t think I’ll be playing this way, but can’t wait to continue with pokemon Moon. Playing in spurts here and there is fun. Just need clear through some games before I can devote more time to it. With the Switch now though, my 3DS is naturally going to take a backseat.

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    1. I feel the same way about the 3DS. Every time they announce an upcoming 3DS game, I find myself thinking: “but why not the Switch?” Pokemon with permadeath is certainly a bit darker and is not for everyone – it keeps me engaged in a way that the normal story doesn’t, for whatever reason.
      As bad as I am at ARMS, I’m enjoying it and I can’t wait for more content. I’m actually really excited for Max Brass in July because based on what characters I am good with now, he might actually fit my playstyle better than the current cast.


  2. Sorry to hear that arms is giving you a little bit of buyers remorse! I too enjoyed the test Punch, But as I generally sucking online games, I took a hard pass on it.

    I love reading about Nuzlocke runs! They’re certainly very challenging, It sounds like you also got a terrible hand dealt to you with all the electricity weakness. Hoping it gets better! If you like watching Let’s plays on YouTube, There’s a great one by Polygon doing a Pokemon Y Nuzlocke run. Watching him lose Pokemon after essentially Putting personalities to them was too much to take! Although I suppose that’s kind of the point to naming them 🙂

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    1. Yeah, the electricity weaknesses are a bit of a problem, but hopefully having Magnemite on the team will help with that somewhat. And it honestly was only a problem at the trainer’s school – I probably won’t even face an electric type again for quite some time. My new concern is going to be having a Pokemon that can handle Hala’s fighting types. Normal/Flying may not cut it, particularly if any of them know Rock Throw or Rock Tomb.

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