Which Segment Should Make a Comeback? I Need Your Vote!

Well, adventurers, I hope you’ve had a good week and that you’ve enjoyed my break from blogging. This week has been all about returning segments from way back when the blog first started, and today I’m focusing on you. You have the power to choose which of these segments should come back to the blog for future posts! Let’s take a few minutes to look at the contestants.

Moral of the Story is a character-focused segment in a top 5 style where I talk about my five favorite characters from a specific game or franchise. In sharing the stories of those characters, I also share what can be learned from their experiences. My entry in that category this week was an article on my top 5 Zelda characters, which you can read right now!

Cordially is much shorter than my usual work, and goofier too – just something fun to break up the monotony of guides and opinion pieces. This segment presents a series of letters, each one a small joke in a series of jokes all related to a specific topic. This week’s Cordially focused on Fire Emblem, and you can check that out here!

Quiz Time is an interactive segment where I present a quiz for you to take. These quizzes are great for when you want to be classified, categorized, and stereotyped, shoving you into a box such as a character class, one of the species from a specific game, or a specific set of abilities. This week I classified folks in a quiz that determined what sort of Mario creature you might be, so be sure to take that quiz!

One of these three segments will have an opportunity to rejoin the Adventure Rules formula, and you have the power to choose your favorite! Voting is super easy – just leave a comment letting me know which segment is your favorite. It can be as simple as listing the segment name, or you can give a thought-out explanation of why you feel that way. Whatever works for you.

Voting will begin when this post goes up at 9 AM EST on Saturday, May 27th. I will continue to accept votes until 9 PM EST on Sunday, May 28th, giving you 36 hours to see the article and cast your vote. I look forward to seeing which segment you all most prefer. Thanks for reading – I’ll announce the results of the vote in my monthly review for May!

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