Mystery Blogger Award: Acceptance Speech

In the midst of all the stuff going on last week with Charming and Open, I fell behind a little bit on reading posts from other people. I caught what I could when I felt like reading, but for the most part when I wasn’t writing my own posts I preferred to spend my free time playing games instead. In the midst of all that, I did manage to check out some posts, and one in particular caught my attention: Mosaicca’s post about receiving the Mystery Blogger Award.

“Oh good for her,” I thought, “she was nominated. Left-handed redheads are unicorns – that’s a pretty good joke! Hey, wait a minute…did she just nominate me? Holy wow, I’m nominated!”

Being in the midst of the Charming and Open event, I wasn’t really able to acknowledge it at the time. But now the time has come for me to graciously accept the award (at least I hope it’s gracious). So let’s get started!
Mystery Blogger Award.pngTHE RULES
– Put the award logo/image on your blog (done)
– List the rules (doing)
– Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
– Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
– Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
– You nominate 10 – 20 people
– Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
– Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
– Share a link to your best post(s)

As I mentioned above, I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by none other than Charlotte from You should definitely go visit her site! She’s a multi-talented individual and I believe no matter what kind of blog you run, she’s got something on her blog that will very likely appeal to you.

The tradition of the Mystery Blogger Award began with Okoto Enigma – you can check out the full description of the award here, and from there be sure to look over her full blog. This excerpt is the one I’m seeing in other folks’ acceptance posts, so I’ll include it:

“Mystery Blogger Award”  is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.

Honestly, I look at this description and can’t help but wonder if my work could legitimately be described as “captivating” or “motivating.” “Best out there” definitely seems like a stretch. I mean, these three facts about myself should tell you how un-best I am:

– Although I am a gamer and blogger, I am garbage with computers. I can manage the basics just fine, but most things beyond opening my E-Mail and running Netflix are above my pay grade.
– The only time I ever get strikes in bowling is when I bowl with my glasses off; I once got three consecutive strikes in this way.
– I eat pancakes completely dry. No maple syrup. No added butter.

I didn’t feel like I earned this when I was first nominated. But when I took the time to really look at the description of the award by it’s creator Enigma, I achieved a greater understanding of what’s meant to be happening here. Specifically, this part resonated with me:

“I created the award because there are a lot of amazing blogs out there that haven’t been discovered, yet.”

Kirby Microphone.png
Mic drop

Now this, this I can get behind. The blogging community is all about networking and sharing – we aren’t going to be discovered by people who just read blogs if we aren’t first discovered by fellow bloggers. Helping our fellow writers to receive deserved exposure is a cause I will gladly support. And in the spirit of that, my nominations are all going to be taken from blogs I have not advertised before. If you want to know what blogs I suggest you read, the newly-created Amazing Adventurers page is a great place to start. For the purposes of this award, though, I am including only bloggers that I haven’t really interacted with before – true mystery bloggers!

I will now list off the ten bloggers that I am nominating to receive the Mystery Blogger Award – chances are I didn’t know you before now, but I look forward to seeing more of your content and you certainly deserve this opportunity to shine!

Mike, Split Screens – I cannot recommend enough his post on how minority groups are not the cause of bad games

Michaela, Objection Network – I love and heartily agree with this list of games worth replaying

M, The Gamer’s Journey – Took the words about Fire Emblem Fates DLC right out of my mouth

(I promise your name does not have to start with M to be nominated)

Sophie, Queen of the Geeks – Her post on toy photography is lovely in its simplicity; there’s something about these pictures that really resonates with my inner child

David, Nerd Hall – I enjoyed this review of Severed, a game I was interested in but kind of forgot about; now I’ll have to look into it again

Gamer by Night, Let’s Talk Games – why do superheroes and games work? Have they always worked? This post examines all of that and more

Aaron, Virtual Wombat – I’ve often lamented how unfortunate it is that gaming is an expensive hobby; these practices make it less so

IamRhinos – I really enjoyed this review of The Last Guardian, which weighed both pros and cons in a fair and still very positive article

Gary, DualShock Gaming – you mean to tell me I can’t just ransack strangers’ homes whenever I want? Blast…

Genaro, Fifty Shades of Trey – this article on whether or not games are art not only covers great subject matter but is very scholarly in nature, an awesome piece all around

1.) What made you decide to take up blogging?

2.) What is your favorite video game?

3.) Why should people read your blog?

4.) What video game item do you wish you had in real life?

5.) If you could set up two characters from different games on a blind date, who would you put together? (Weird Question)

1.) What is the last movie you watched?
Doctor Strange. I’ve been trying to catch up on Marvel stuff lately, but I couldn’t make myself sit through the Iron Fist show.

2.) If you could only pick one flavor of ice cream for life, what would you pick?
Chocolate, and I’d have no regrets. I pretty much only eat chocolate already, so it wouldn’t exactly be a drastic change.

3.) Early bird or night owl?
Not to give a cop-out answer, but both. Seriously. I wake up early and am at my most productive first thing in the morning. In the afternoon, I am exhausted and worthless. I then get a burst of energy at nighttime and have trouble falling asleep early.

4.) Where would you go on vacation with an unlimited budget but only one week’s travel time there and back?
Germany. I have been once before and loved it. Plus my wife is half-German because her mother is from there, and she’d love to see where she came from. Her mother hasn’t been back home in many years. It’d be an awesome family trip.

5.) What fictional character do you detest so much that someone would have to pay you to spend the day with them?
Hau, from Pokemon Sun and Moon. He’s so freaking happy all the time, his jokes are awful, all he does is eat malasada and talk too much. Seriously, Hau, buzz off. Ugh.

OBVIOUSLY, all the incomplete fanfiction that’s over a year old now.
The OutrealmsIt’s honestly hard for me to say what I think my best post would be. I’m pretty proud of how the Charming and Open event went, folks took to it way more than I thought they would. Other than that, I think my Tax Day post on games I’d like refunded came out okay.

And with that, adventurers, my acceptance speech comes to an end. Thanks again to Charlotte for the nomination, I really appreciate that you thought of me. And to those that I have nominated, I hope that this can help give you a bit of well-deserved exposure!

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  1. I’m so honored for the nomination Robert! I’m honestly a little lost for words even… it really means a lot to me. Thank you so very much. You’ve posed some great questions too, especially the blind date one! That one will be tough haha. Looks like I have some more reading and thinking to do 🙂

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