Charming and Open: A Week of Interactive Blogging!

Today is the day, adventurers, the special interactive blogging event that I mentioned in my monthly update and that I have teased for the past week! In case you were wondering, no, I did not actually have this planned out when I originally mentioned the idea of doing some kind of interactive event on the blog. But I think I’ve got it all figured out and I hope that you all enjoy what we’ve got coming this week!

As you can see from the title, I decided to call this event Charming and Open. The hints I spread throughout the week were related directly to the title – specifically, where I got it from. How does that work, you might ask?

Well the first hint is Alan A’Dale from Disney’s Robin Hood, better known as “that rooster character that sings.” Alan A’Dale is what we’d call a bard, and that was the first hint. The second one should be pretty obvious if you have any idea who this character is. This villainous Shrek 2 character is none other than Prince Charming. And finally, this clip from Spongebob Squarepants is a reference to a certain tabletop game we all know and love, Dungeons and Dragons. So we have bard, charming, and dungeon…how do they relate? Well turns out that Charming and Open is the name of a starting move used by the bard class in Dungeon World, my favorite tabletop RPG!

“You didn’t legitimately expect anyone to figure that out, I hope.” No, adventurers, I really just wanted to see what wacky stuff people would come up with based on these images. But don’t worry, the reasoning behind WHY this event is called Charming and Open makes a lot more sense.

The Charming and Open move represents the ability of a bard to speak candidly with other characters, pulling information out of them that normally the person would not reveal. Of course, in speaking so candidly, the bard reveals a little bit of herself, too. It’s an exchange of information that, mechanically, takes the form of a pair of questions exchanged by the players. The bard’s player gets to ask a question of the target’s player. The target’s player then gets the ask the bard’s player a question in return. Both players must answer honestly. And that structure, that exchange of questions, is the inspiration for this week’s event!

This post will serve as the “masterpost,” if you will, for this week. Starting from the moment this is posted, I will be accepting questions from readers that I will answer in the form of a full-length post here on the blog. You can ask me a question by posting it in the comment section OF THIS POST (that’s important!). Whenever you ask me a question, I will in turn ask you a question too! Now if you’re a fellow blogger, this is where things get really fun – I encourage you to post a blog post with your answer to my question. Running with the idea of an equal exchange, by participating in this event you benefit in the following ways:

  1. Publicity! You’ll be credited as the asker of the question on my blog, and your own blog linked in the answer post. I share all of my content across the social media sites for Adventure Rules as well. Anyone reading my response to your question will be able to zip right over to your blog and check out your content!
  2. Ideas! Ever have trouble coming up with something to post about? By asking me a question, I’ll be asking you one in return. Answering the question in post form will give you something to talk about on your blog, maybe even something that’s a little different from your day-to-day content!
  3. Community! A post like this with multiple people asking questions and providing answers is a chance for you to check out all the bloggers in the comment section. The WordPress blogging community is crazy supportive and we often share each other’s content on social media and mention each other in posts. By commenting, following, and interacting with people as part of this event, you can meet new people and strengthen that network of support!

Hey, I’m all about inclusiveness! This event isn’t restricted to fellow bloggers by any means. If you like to read blogs but don’t blog yourself, feel free to still comment and ask me a question. Just let me know in your comment that you won’t be writing a post of your own – that’s totally okay! I’ll still credit you as the person asking me the question. And if you don’t even have a WordPress account, all you have to do to comment is leave an e-mail address. So don’t feel like you can’t be part of the event just because you don’t have a blog!

There will be some ground rules for the questions I’m actually willing to address here on the blog. Most of these should be pretty straightforward, and every rule exists for the purpose of making this event accessible and enjoyable!

  1. I will accept questions that are related to Video Games, Tabletop Games, and Blogging. If your question doesn’t somehow relate to one of these topics, I’m probably not gonna answer. My blog is not a lifestyle blog and details about my job, personal life, etc. aren’t really the focus of my posts. However, if you’re clever, you might just be able to connect your real question with one of the topics above and get the answer you want! 😉
  2. I will NOT accept questions that are flat-out hateful. Questions that have obvious tones of racism, misogyny, misandry, or homophobia will be ignored. Anything that takes a bladed stance against a particular religion (or lack thereof) or political party will be ignored. Hateful questions geared towards a specific console or developer will be ignored. And any other kind of overt prejudice that I haven’t mentioned yet will be ignored. Adventure Rules is a gaming blog, and who plays video games? Everyone. So this blog should be safe for everyone to visit without feeling hostility.
  3. If your question is already a post, I won’t answer it a second time. This applies not just to repeat questions during this event but also anything I’ve already posted somewhat recently. For example, the question “what’d you think of Breath of the Wild?” would not be appropriate because I posted a review of the game within the last month. If a question like that is asked, I’ll probably just link you the original post and give you the opportunity to ask something else if you want!
  4. Please just ask one question. I am going to do everything I can to address EVERY question that I receive on this post. However, I am ultimately one person who works a full time job and has a family to tend to. If I accept three or four questions a person, I probably wouldn’t be able to realistically answer all of them. So please just ask one, that way I know I can answer you in a timely fashion and give you a thought-out response.
  5. My questions to you will follow these guidelines too. I will do my best not to ask you a question that you’ve already “answered” through an existing blog post, and I’ll do my best not to ask you something you find offensive. I do apologize if I unknowingly say something harmful. Finally, I’ll try to keep my question related to YOUR blog – I won’t ask a game blogger about their fashion sense, and I won’t ask a fashion blogger their favorite console generation. If you want to set additional guidelines for my question to you, please include them in your comment!
  6. Finally, I reserve the right to reject any question. On the off-chance that someone somehow asks a question that I’m uncomfortable answering that isn’t already addressed above, I am saying now that I can reject ANY question if I feel like it. But chances are if you follow the guidelines above and use a little common sense, you’ll be asking a question that I will gladly answer!

Of course I do! Here are some examples of the kinds of questions that would be appropriate. Feel free to steal these and definitely feel free to ask your own, probably cleverer questions:
What games do you think Nintendo will reveal at E3 this year?
What’s your favorite gaming console?
What type of character do you never play in tabletop games?
What is your process when coming up with a campaign for your players?
What crazy blog promotion ideas have you had but not tried?
What advice would you give to a blogger who’s just starting out?
Don’t feel limited to questions “like these.” As I said in the guidelines, if you can find a way to relate your question to video games, tabletops, or blogging, there are a lot of possible questions you can ask. Of course, if you really do just want to know the answer to something like “what’s your favorite video game?” that’s totally cool too. No question shaming here!

Once this post has been posted and I start receiving some questions, I’ll be linking all of my responses and the responses of others to my questions in this section here. So if at any time you want to see what posts have resulted from this event, all you have to do is check back here. I AM NO LONGER TAKING QUESTIONS AT THIS TIME, but all answers resulting from this week’s event will be posted here, so keep your eye on this post as it will be expanding throughout the week. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the Charming and Open event!

“What is One Video Game Character that You Feel Spiritually Connected to?” – answered by Adventure Rules

“How Should Games Handle Falling from Ledges?” – answered by Adventure Rules

“What is the First Game You Ever Beat, and Do You Have Special Memories with It?” – answered by Hundstrasse

“What is Your Guilty Pleasure Game?” – answered by Adventure Rules

“If You Could Develop Your Own Game, What Kind of Game Would You Make?” – answered by PIXELDUMP Gaming

“What Are You Most Ashamed of in Your Gaming Experience?” – answered by Adventure Rules

“What is Your Least Favorite Game in Your Favorite Series?” – answered by Games and Stuff

“If You Could Visit Any World Within a Video Game, Where Would You Go?” – answered by Adventure Rules

“What Three Video Games Would You Take to a Deserted Island?” – answered by Adventure Rules

“What is Your Opinion on Silent Versus Voiced Protagonists?” – answered by Adventure Rules

“What Video Game Character Grinds Your Gears the Most?” – answered by PIXELDUMP Gaming

“What is The Secret of Monkey Island and What Are Your Memories with it?” – answered by Kim at Later Levels

40 thoughts on “Charming and Open: A Week of Interactive Blogging!

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  1. Hello there! This sounds like an awesome event, so let me kick it off! What is one video game character that you feel spiritually (or just normally) connected to? For example, I identify with Nathan Drake’s (Uncharted) thirst for adventure and sarcastic attitude.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for being the first participant! And for the great question! I’m gonna have to do some thinking for this one for sure, but I will plan to have it up at 9 AM tomorrow morning (EST).
      As for my question for you, I tried to scan your blog real quick to make sure you hadn’t posted about this recently. Hopefully I didn’t miss it. Since we’re talking about characters –
      if you could choose one game character and have their powers or skills, who would you choose?

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  2. Ian, this is a fabulous idea!!! I think I much prefer your idea here to the way one typically sees bloggers do Q&A sessions. Normally I see a blogger fire off a quick post saying “ask me anything!” and then write a post answering each question in short form, maybe a sentence max. But there tends to be little give-and-take, and the answers tend to be shallow. I really like this idea much better!

    With that said, here is my question. Bear with me, because it is an oddly specific video game question. What is your opinion on the choice that game developers make as far as the mechanics of accidentally walking off a ledge? Specifically, you know how in some games (for example, Assassin’s Creed), while the game will allow you to jump off of a ledge (potentially to your character’s demise), it will not allow you to accidentally walk off a ledge just because you meandered too close to the edge. Rather, it will do that thing where the character will lean off a little bit and then pull themselves back – essentially keeping the player from accidentally dying by getting too close to a ledge. However, other games (for example, BotW) will easily allow you to accidentally walk off a ledge and fall to your demise. Do you view the former choice as too hand-holdy and not realistic enough? Or do you think the latter choice is a cheap game mechanic?

    Let me know if my question makes sense!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand your question and I think I can comment semi-intelligently on it! The question I have in mind is similarly specific, so let me know if I need to elaborate better. As someone with a multitude of hobbies, do you find that they inform each other? Like, do you ever apply a lesson you learn as a runner to what you do as a writer? Or does gaming ever influence your fashion choices? I know for me my different hobbies kind of connect and inform each other, and I was curious if you have that same experience as someone whose hobbies are a lot more varied and involve totally different approaches and disciplines.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent! Always up for some interactivity! 😁 … Right, so here is my question, I’ll keep it nice and simple; what is your guilty pleasure videogame, and why? Something you know to be pretty bad in some respects, but like a comfy pair of shoes you like to put it on from time to time just to chill out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, that’s a good one! I will plan to post my response to that question at 9 AM EST Wednesday morning. As far as my question for you…here’s kind of where I am leaning. What is the first game you ever beat, and do you have special memories with it? (If you’ve done that on your blog before I’ll gladly pose a different question!)

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  4. Alrighty then!

    What are you most ashamed of throughout your gaming experiences?

    It can be anything from a weird narrative decision, to something you’ve done in the real-world because of a game or even deciding to use the male Shepard in Mass Effect (Jennifer Hale FTW!).

    I’ll help you out with my confessional example. I bought Avatar: The Burning Earth on Xbox 360 just for a quick 1000G. After spamming ‘B’ for 2 minutes, I took it back to the store 1000 gamerscore richer.

    I feel so unclean.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I definitely have something for that! Now my question for you (if you haven’t done this one on your blog before): If you could develop your own game, what kind of game would you make?


      1. Also, I forgot to mention – my answer to your question is tentatively planned to go up Thursday morning at 9 AM EST.


      2. Another question, eh? I guess I didn’t put anything in the rules about me asking other people more than one question, so…
        BONUS ROUND!
        What video game character grinds your gears the most? It could be in a good way (like a really well-written villain you want to personally punch in the face) or in a bad way (a horrible character whose very presence makes the game worse).

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok here goes: if you could visit any world within a video game, where would you go and why? And bonus question, if I’m allowed: how would you spend your time there?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ooh, I’ll have to do some thinking on that one! Okay, so you may have answered my question as a post already, so if you have I can ask something else. If you have, though, I’d love to see the link to that post because I’ve gotta know: what is The Secret of Monkey Island, and what are your memories with it? You mention it by name in your description of yourself, so it must be something special!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s an interesting one! I’ve definitely got some ideas kicking around, so that’ll be quite doable. Now my question for you: what’s your least favorite game in your favorite series? I suppose there’s also an implied question of “why does that game not meet the standards of the others?” Bonus!
      Also, my post responding to your question should be up Saturday at 9 AM EST.


  5. Late to the party (as per usual) but I love this idea! If I can still ask a question, what is your opinion on silent versus voiced protagonists, in regards to the player “connecting” or identifying as the character? (Or, if that’s too specific, what are you thoughts on silent versus voiced protagonists in video games?).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Better late than never, and you’re just in time: I was looking for one more question to finish out the month of April, so you’ll be my last one! As far as my question for you, I will try to ask one in a similar vein – do you prefer games with a set story path or those with branching paths affected by your choices?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No rush, I completely understand! I strategically chose a slow work week for myself, but the folks asking me questions have their own schedules and posting habits to work around. My answer to your question will be scheduled for Sunday at 9 AM EST!

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