40 Thoughts on the April 12th Nintendo Direct

On April 12th, Nintendo unleashed a direct that was packed full of information on a slew of upcoming titles. If you haven’t checked out the official presentation yet, you can do so by clicking on this link. Have you watched it? Good, because now I’m gonna talk about it. There’s a lot of info to digest here, and my mission is to react to every piece of information in the same lightning-quick style that it was presented. So brace yourself, adventurers, for 40 thoughts on the April 12th Nintendo Direct! (see how I plugged the title there? Cool stuff, huh?)

THOUGHT ONE: Hey! Pikmin
You know, I’ve always said that the key to making Pikmin fun was fewer Pikmin.

THOUGHT TWO: Koichi Ishii’s Penguin

Man, what’s up with your penguin? Tell me. TELL ME!

As much as I want to go all-in on support for a new Nintendo IP, I just cannot shake the feeling that this game won’t make a splash. It reminds me of Fantasy Life, which I was very excited for and then turned out to be completely lackluster.

THOUGHT FOUR: Monster Hunter Stories
Like Monster Hunter? Do you also like Pokemon? THEN DO WE HAVE THE GAME YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

THOUGHT FIVE: Yo-kai Watch 2 Psychic Spectres
Level 5, repeat after me: Ni no Kuni 2. Go on. Say it.

THOUGHT SIX: Culcept Revolt
On hey, Final Emblem Monopoly Duel Tactics Links looks kind of cool.

This is an interesting concept to me. It’s free to play the games other people create, you just have to pay for the cartridge if you want to make your own games. How detailed are the creation tools? How easy is it to share your RPGs with other people? I can see this game being either really cool or a drop in the bucket, depending on how much the community takes to it.

This just…does not appeal to me. Next.

THOUGHT NINE: Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows of Valentia
I am crazy excited for this game, but the DLC makes me nervous. Some DLC will just be challenge levels while other DLC will expand the character backstories – if this game ends up like Fates where IMPORTANT story information is concealed behind paid DLC, I may have to write a strongly-phrased letter to Intelligent Systems. Paying extra money should never be necessary to appreciate a video game. It can add to the experience, sure, but it should never be an integral part of that experience.

THOUGHT TEN: Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
A multiplayer Kirby game using copy abilities as character specialties reminiscent of a fantasy RPG? Interest piqued, but the phrase “free to start” is a bit of a turn-off. Free-to-start implies pay-to-finish.

THOUGHT ELEVEN: Kirby’s Blowout Blast

Big Summer Blowout.jpg
Did someone say “blowout?” Yoo-hoo!

Okay, HAL, hook me up with a trilogy edition with all of these games at a discount and you might just have me sold on this thing. That baby box is so cute!

THOUGHT THIRTEEN: The Legend of Zelda Amiibo
Ah, yes, more additions for my Link shrine.

THOUGHT FOURTEEN: Super Smash Bros Amiibo
“Just in time to use for Smash Bros for Switch! I mean, uh, Smash Bros may or may not be coming to Switch. *whispers* Guys, cut to the next scene!”


ARMS Min Min.jpg
Finally, my love of martial arts, Asian culture, and the only food I could afford in college have all been encapsulated by one character.

Can we just talk about how perfect this commentator character is? I hope he is a legit character in the game that makes corny arm puns in every fight, because it’s absolutely perfect for the feel of the game.

Seriously, the more I learn about this game, the more intrigued I am by it. It seems to have a lot of potential. When I saw the first trailer and the host of the presentation referred to this as an in-depth strategic game, it seemed ludicrous. Yet once you factor in the sheer number of different weapons, combine them with elements, mix and match them with each other, throw in unique abilities for each playable character, arena shape, angling your punches, using techniques like blocking and throwing – this ain’t no kiddy ride. Nintendo is selling me on ARMS, and I hope the game really takes off.


Joy-Con Yellow.jpg
“We are firmly dedicated to ignoring every fan requested Joy-Con design and instead releasing the most eye-gouging colors we can conceive.”

THOUGHT NINETEEN: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
I just can’t get excited about this. I like Mario Kart, and I don’t own a Wii U or MK8 so it makes a lot of sense for me to want to get this, but…eh. Seen it. Show me something new.

THOUGHT TWENTY: Ultra Street Fighter II
Wait, they added touch screen super moves? Man, that means I have to learn actual strategies instead of just spamming Hadoken or E. Honda’s flurry punch thing. Of course, if I want to spam Hadoken, I guess I could just play that weird motion-control mode that seems wildly out of place.

I don’t play Minecraft, but I love how lovingly crafted (ah!) the Mario elements are. Seeing Peach’s Castle in blocks was actually really nostalgic for me, and I love that the TNT blocks are now POW blocks. I’ve been casually interested in Minecraft, and this might be a good chance to get into it – depending on how much I’d be shelling out for this 6-year-old game.

THOUGHT TWENTY-TWO: NeoGeo Arcade Archives
Come on, Nintendo, this is not the virtual console your fans are wanting.

Starring Sonic, Sonic, and – is that Sonic????? AMAZING!

Pretty Sonic: like Pretty Skyrim, but we’re banking on nostalgia.

The irrelevant lovechild of Bomberman and the Power Rangers.

Is this a dynasty warrior crossover about a franchise that no one has ever heard of before? Because that’s exactly what this game looks like.



“Welcome to the jungle – we’ve got fun and games!”

Now you can be terrible at two different puzzle games at the same time!

Part of me wants to be critical of this, but honestly I can see the selling point here. The whole “introduce the Switch to strangers on an airplane” thing really compliments having a game like this on the system. An uninitiated gamer may be turned off by playing you in a skill-based game like Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart, but facing off in a classic board game that everybody knows might be more palatable. I personally would prefer a (good) Mario Party title over this, but I can see the appeal.

THOUGHT THIRTY: Rayman Legends Definitive Edition
I remember playing Rayman back in the day and really enjoying it. I never played Legends, but apparently it’s a good platformer and I imagine that there’ll be some folks interested in picking it up for the Switch, particularly for the extra features. On another note, how does his physiology work? The whole floating limb thing really wigs me out…

A game with a rich, compelling story about a spaceship that shoots lasers at bigger spaceships.

THOUGHT THIRTY-TWO: Battle Chasers Nightwar
It’s really odd to me just how many indie turn-based RPGs there are. I mean, I personally am a big fan of the JRPG genre and have played many turn-based games in my day. But this style of gameplay has a pretty niche audience and I feel like when you start making off-brand versions of it, they all start to blend together. This game honestly looks like a fantasy version of that Marvel Facebook game.

In case there’s anybody watching who isn’t a Nintendo fan and wonders why they should even bother getting a Switch, here’s one game that appeals to your demographic.

Okay, this is a step in the right direction on the virtual console side of things, at least. Hard to hate on portable Pac-Man! Of course, your cell phone probably does that already…

THOUGHT THIRTY-FIVE: Standalone Switch Dock
“Limited edition, so if anything happens to your dock and you didn’t buy a second one in advance, you’re up a creek. You’re welcome, gamers. We always put you first.”

THOUGHT THIRTY-SIX: Splatoon US Inkling Open
Ah yes, nice to see Nintendo moving more into E-sports territory with this game. I personally haven’t played Splatoon but as a fan of the Big N I am always glad to see one of their IPs taking off successfully. This is the one Switch game besides Breath of the Wild that my wife might actually play, and she’s more of a triple-A kind of gamer. So it seems like Splatoon has a broad appeal that could really sell some Switches in the summertime.

THOUGHT THIRTY-SEVEN: Salmon Run Intro Trailer


I loved the style of this! It reminded me of an old-school propaganda ad, and it really builds the world of the game.

This game mode looks fun and seems like a logical next addition for a game like Splatoon. From what I have seen of the original game, it was pretty much strictly competitive map-covering where two teams faced off. Having this mode where it’s strictly co-op is a good balance for that, and it seems like you can earn some promising rewards from participating in the game.

THOUGHT THIRTY-NINE: Splatoon 2 Amiibo
In my opinion, this version of Amiibo functionality is a sterling example of how these collectible figures SHOULD work. Using your personal Amiibo to carry your custom setup to the games of other players is a really solid concept, and I personally would be a lot more likely to purchase an Amiibo for this purpose as opposed to some kind of one-time in-game unlockable.

Overall, I felt like this Nintendo Direct was a pretty solid look at what we have to look forward to before E3 shows up. Some big titles were showcased, specifically ARMS and Splatoon 2, and there’s plenty of filler games coming up for both 3DS and Switch. Most of these appeal to a niche, but I’d say pretty much every niche is covered and there’s something to like here for a lot of different players. The big thing right now is that fall looks pretty sparse, and we have no idea what to be excited about for the holiday season with the exception of Mario Odyssey and new story DLC for Breath of the Wild (if you’re even excited about that). I’d like to see Nintendo follow this direct with a stunning E3 presentation that shows off some really strong first-party titles for players to get excited about, and third-party support from big-hitters to engage the folks who aren’t hardcore Nintendo fans. Right now, the limited quantities of the Switch have made it to where most Switch owners are serious Nintendo fans – YouTubers, game bloggers, etc. The typical person who didn’t know to preorder the Switch on January 12th hasn’t been able to get ahold of one yet, and Nintendo needs to make sure that when Switches are available to the general public, there are games available for them too. Most of the stuff shown off in this Direct is not gonna do that – though it is very possible that Splatoon and maybe even ARMS could be console sellers. So here’s hoping they have a huge E3 presentation lined up for us this year with solid games to show off.

Hey adventurers! I hope you liked today’s post! Next Sunday, April 23rd, is going to be the day of the interactive blogging event I teased in my April update. I’ve got plans, and those plans need people to be successful, so please be sure to come back next Sunday for the event! Particularly if you are a fellow blogger. đŸ˜‰

Want a hint about what’s coming? I mean, I guess I can give you a little something today. And who knows, if you come back for this week’s Tabletop Tuesday post, I may just have another hint waiting for you as well!

As for today’s hint, brace yourself, because this one is going to be PRETTY subtle. You might need other hints from throughout the week to really make sense of it, but feel free to start guessing now!


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