Taking a Break

Hey adventurers. Today’s post is gonna be a short one all about how I’m not posting anything.

“Ian, isn’t this a post?” Well technically speaking, yes, in a literal sort of way. But it doesn’t have substance, panache, or any snarkily-captioned photos. Just me, talking, for probably 1/4th of the amount of words I usually use (yes, I actually counted).

Part of my job duties is being on-call during certain hours of the day during the week. This week, my on-call shift is 1 PM to 9 PM, and that’s on top of my typical work hours of 8 PM – 4 PM. So basically my week has consisted of waking up, working from 8 AM to anywhere from 9 to 11 PM, and then coming home and immediately going to sleep.

This has affected my ability to post in two main ways. One, I really have not had the time to write. I tend to be long-winded and a typical post for me takes a couple of dedicated hours of writing time. I haven’t had that couple of hours in order to get my thoughts collected. Two, my brain is fried. The cases I’m working on call this week have been wild, complicated matters that I don’t typically deal with on a day-to-day basis. When I come home from 12 hours of that, my mind is mush and I can’t really focus on writing an article.

This probably sounds like I’m making excuses, and I’m not trying to sound that way. In the future, I need to have a build-up of interesting yet context-free articles ready and waiting in the wings to step in when my writing time is limited like this. But for now, I’m taking a break. I had a post I was working on for today but when I sat down last night at 10:30 PM to try and work on it, words weren’t flowing. So my plan is to just finish out my last day on-call, travel this weekend for the holiday, and then after I’ve had a chance to crash I’ll hopefully come back rejuvenated for next week and post something that’s actually coherent.

On the plus side, for those excited for the interactive content I’ve been planning for April, the idea is pretty solid in my head now and I’ll be posting about it on Sunday, April 23rd. So be sure to come back for that, as well as for my other content next week.

Thanks for your patience, adventurers. You all are excellent. Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter – even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, at least embrace the chocolate!
Breath of the Wild Farewell

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  1. Blogging can be super time consuming I have learned, and for the working man it’s much worse. Not to mention you need to spend a lot of time actually playing games to have material to write about them!

    Like with any hobby, the burnout can be real, and a nice solid break can reinvigorate the motivation for when you have more spare time again. Looking forward to your return! Have a very happy Easter! 🙂

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