2017 Blog Goals

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In the year 2017, my overall goal for Adventure Rules is to turn my focus inward. Rather than set specific goals for “followers,” “likes,” or other similar measurements of success, my goals deal with me personally and my growth as a writer. If this improvement results organically in growth for the blog, great! I have two main goals for the year of 2017.

Writer’s write. That’s how you get the title of “writer.” And far too often I tend to spend my time doing things that are not writing. So this year, I am going to focus on making writing part of my regular routine. I am going to establish a schedule for the blog, and then post according to that schedule. I started out with a “1 post per week” schedule and worked my way up to two. Now, I am confident in my ability to create and maintain a schedule of three posts per week. I don’t want to say that consistency has been “achieved,” because I can always strive to be more consistent, but the improvement of this year over last has already been staggering.

It’s difficult to grow as a writer without first being a reader. A pupil needs a master, iron sharpens iron, all that stuff – if you don’t read frequently, chances are your writing won’t grow. There’s also a risk of failing to identify your unique style and identity because you don’t see what others are bringing to the table. So my goal for 2017 is to become a part of the game blogging community so I can discover my niche and learn from those who are better than me. I’ve been doing a lot better about exposing myself to other bloggers, and I still intend to continue to do better in that area. Specifically, I want to work harder at being interactive, commenting on the posts of other bloggers rather than just reading and liking. I also want to encourage my followers to read the work of other people.

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