2019 Blog Goals

Each year on Adventure Rules I set goals for the blog, things I want to accomplish within the next year. These aren’t measurable goals such as “reach 273659364 followers” but rather abstract goals for me to keep in mind as I make decisions for the blog. In 2018, those goals were: Community, Quality, Consistency. In 2019, I want to take those goals and refine them, adding new elements to them to help them achieve a new flavor and focus.

Historically my community-oriented goals have been focused on hosting big community events for other bloggers to take part in. However, as time goes on and other bloggers begin their own community events as well, I want to participate in the events that they design and help them to build their unique brand. I can’t do that if I am constantly trying to create and organize my own ambitious and massive events. So in 2019, instead of trying to create a bunch of new collaborations, I want to stick to Charming and Open and Blogger Blitz and refine them. I’ll maintain Blogger Blitz as my one large-scale collaboration and keep Charming and Open as a smaller, one-on-one project that takes place more frequently. This will open up time for me to engage in community events on other blogs.

In 2018, I added quality as a goal without giving any solid definition to what that looks like. As someone with a background in theater and writing, I should have known better. “Do better” as a form of constructive criticism is worthless – it gives you nothing concrete to focus on and improve. So I want to pick specific aspects of my craft to sharpen each year from this point forward. In 2019, the aspect I want to hone is “focus.” I want my articles to have a strong, tight focus that keeps them from meandering or becoming too wordy. I also don’t want to publish articles that don’t have a clear vision for what I want to accomplish with Adventure Rules. While I will certainly experiment from time to time, I discovered a lot of article types in the last year which simply don’t work for me, and I want to avoid publishing those styles of articles in favor of focusing on what is fun and what my readers enjoy.

For ten months in 2018, I did not miss a single post on Adventure Rules. At 9 AM EST on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there was content to read on the site. I never anticipated successfully maintaining that level of consistency, but it came at a cost. It was normal for me to sacrifice sleep, my other hobbies, or time with my family in order to get a blog post done. I was meeting my goal of consistency but failing to do so in a healthy way. In 2019, I want to be consistent while still keeping good priorities. This will help me to build more positive writing habits like having backup posts, planning articles more in advance, and writing on a realistic timetable instead of trying to complete massive articles in only a couple of hours in the early hours of the morning.

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