*Enter a Punny Name for October Here*

Remember that time when Adventure Rules celebrated a one year anniversary and then I disappeared for a month?

Yeah, good times.

But now it’s a new day – a whole new month, actually. The month of October is an exciting one to be sure. Fall is starting in full swing, Halloween is on its way, and lots of cool pun-themed events like Inktober and Octoberfest are beginning. I figured Adventure Rules would jump on the bandwagon and we’d do some really cool stuff this month.

“You say that every month, Ian.” Yeah, okay, that’s fair. I haven’t been doing well with the blog lately, and I do apologize for that to those who have been missing seeing my content. But ultimately, failing to post really hurts Adventure Rules. Growth, publicity, views, all of that stuff plummets when I’m not active. So October seems like as good a month as any to get things going full-swing again.

“What do you mean by full swing?” Thanks for asking, adventurers!

Thing I Mean by “Full Swing” #1: There’s Going to be a Post Every Day!
Don’t believe me? That’s fair. It’s been a long time since I delivered on that. And extenuating circumstances might stop me from delivering now. But my full intention for October is to post something every day. It may not always hit at 9:00 AM like the old days, but that’s the time I would like to shoot for as well. Why not 9:00 AM today? Honestly, I just decided to do this like ten minutes ago, so that’s why.

Thing I Mean by “Full Swing” #2: Special Segments ARE Coming Back!
This month is going to see the true comeback of Tabletop Tuesday and Fanfic Friday. Tabletop Tuesday will probably be focused mainly on Dungeon World – I’m currently in the process of getting some friends to help me make and edit custom classes to share on the blog, and the first one is coming along really well! As for Fanfic Friday, I will definitely do a horror story. I might do something similar to the Mario Party fanfic where I set the story in one game but tell it in the style of another. We’ll see. Either way, next week is the first full week of October and you can expect the segments to start up then.

Thing I mean by “Full Swing” #3: Exclusive Content will be on Twitter!
Back when I started the various Adventure Rules social media sites, I wanted to promote them using exclusive content. While that took off in a way with Facebook and Tumblr, I had a lot of trouble promoting myself on Twitter and I was not able to gather much of a following there. One of my 2016 stretch goals is to get Twitter’s numbers up with the other sites, so that’s why this month I am going to do some cool stuff on that site. Specifically, I’m participating in Inktober.
Adventure Rules has always had sort of a quirky art style, and now I’m going to embrace that style and do Inktober. Each day on Twitter you’ll be able to see my handiwork, but it’s not just about the art. In fact, it’s not really about the art at all. Each picture will actually be a monster that I have created for Dungeon World, and I’ll include its stats, tags, and descriptions so that you can use it in your own games! I’m basing each monster on the official Inktober prompts, so you can expect the first one on Twitter at some point today and for it to be related to the word “fast.” So if you don’t follow Adventure Rules on Twitter yet, follow¬†this link¬†to do so!

So yeah, this month should get pretty interesting. I hope you’re excited, adventurers! So I’ll see you again tomorrow – in the meantime, go eat something pumpkin-flavored or dig all of your Fall hats out of their box.

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