Why I Fell Off the Face of the Planet

Hello, adventurers. I don’t have much time to talk. There’s a lot to tell and they’ll do anything in their power to stop me, so I have to type quickly.

You’re right.

They’re exactly who you think they are. And they are coming for you. They’re coming for me. I don’t know how long this safehouse will hold. I just know that-

What was that? That noise! They’re here! Blast! I still had so much to say! Whatever you do, don’t use your microwave tonight. That’s how they- AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!

Did I get you for a second, there? What am I saying, of course I did.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted on here, so I thought I’d give you all an idea of exactly what in the world has been going on with Adventure Rules and what you can expect coming up.

So if you’ve been around for a day or two you know that I recently got a new job opportunity. Well, two weeks ago (ish) I actually started that new job. During the process of starting, I was also moving. But because my wife and I were not able to find a new house in time for my job to start, I actually had to say with my in-laws for my first week or so of work while my wife finalized everything with the move. Then I had to go back to our old house, help her finish packing, and move everything to the new house on my two days off over the weekend. After that it was another week of work during the day and unpacking the new house in the evenings.

Did I mention we don’t have wifi yet? Yeah, also that.

With everything that’s been going on with the move and with the job, and not having reliable internet access on top of that, I have been totally unable to put any posts together. So for that, sorry not sorry. I hate that I couldn’t provide content during that time, and I know it certainly doesn’t facilitate growth on the site, but I didn’t have much of an option. Even now I’m typing this post from a hotel room, as I’m currently on a business trip to receive some additional training so I can assume the full responsibilities of my job. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and unfortunately what that has meant for Adventure Rules was that I couldn’t really make any posts.

The good news is, at some point this week my new router should come in, allowing me to have internet at the new house, so when I get home from work I can actually put some focus back on blogging. Now in case you haven’t seen some of the older updates, remember that we’re still not going back to the “post per day” schedule from before. I’m going to shoot for a two to four posts a week, depending on how much free time I have (weeks where I’m on-call will be particularly bare) and on how much I actually have to talk about.

Speaking of which, we need to address content. Lately, it seems like every post on Adventure Rules is an update, followed by a reaction to some news on Pokemon Sun and Moon. And I hate that. Again, this isn’t the kind of thing that facilitates the growth of the site. Unfortunately, with everything going on, I have not been able to add new games to my collection. In a perfect world, I would have played and reviewed Bravely Second, Kirby Planet Robobot, and Zero Time Dilemma. I would have potentially made some guides for those games, or at the very least done some opinion pieces inspired by them. But that’s just not feasible right now, and may not be for at least another couple of months.

So what the heck am I gonna talk about?

Pokemon Sun and Moon is gonna keep releasing new information. In fact, some big news just came out and I’m going to do a big lump post talking about not only that news but also about some smaller things that happened while I was off the grid. That post will be written tonight and posted tomorrow morning.

I posted a couple of weeks ago on Facebook that I downloaded a ton of E-Shop demos to try out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough of a positive experience from any of them to really inspire some good content, but I do have an opinion piece in the works based on my experience with some of these demos that you can expect maybe later this week.

I’ve moved away from my old tabletop group, but I am putting a new one together and we’re going to start playing Mutants and Masterminds within the next couple of weeks. My plan as the GM is to experiment with some new styles of session format and preparation, and I’ll be able to talk about my experiences with those different styles. So if tabletops are your thing, you definitely have something to look forward to soon.

I have every intention of finishing and polishing the Fire Emblem Fates guides. I know some of you are still using those and you may still be looking forward to the parts I haven’t finished yet, or be needing me to get them all into a similar format so they look more professional and are easier to use. That is going to happen. Probably not this week. But it is coming. So don’t lose hope.

Now once Fire Emblem is done, I would love to move on to a newer game and do some guides. But right now, that just isn’t feasible. I can’t get anything new. So I may do something old instead. I’m considering doing some stuff for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to get folks interested and maybe try and spread the word about movements to get an HD remaster from Intelligent Systems. I might do something different, though. The one thing I definitely do NOT want to do is a Pokemon game, because with Sun and Moon being the only big source of news right now I don’t want this blog to become Pokemon exclusive. If you have an idea of an older Nintendo game you want to see some in-depth content on, let me know and we’ll see if I can make it happen.

Adventurers, I apologize to those of you who have been checking back only to find there’s nothing here. I hate not being able to provide content for you. The good news is, I should be able to start slowly working my way back now. E3 gave me a lot of momentum and unfortunately due to the timing of my new job, that momentum was somewhat wasted. But the time is coming where I can dig back in and start making some posts, and I want to do what I can to bring some new folks in and get those of you who have been around for awhile stoked about Adventure Rules again.

If you’re maybe reading this and have no idea what the heck this blog is, welcome! I hope you’ll check out the home page and go back through some of my older works. If you like what you see, consider following the blog so you won’t miss out when I post new content. You can follow me here on WordPress if you have an account or you can sign up to be an e-mail follower – there’s a special little button just for that on the sidebar. I’m also on social media, including FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr. Finally, some of my content appears on the website Now Loading, which features work from lots of bloggers, most of whom are way more talented than me. You should definitely check that site out, and if you see my content you can give me a follow on there as well.

I’m excited to (mostly) be back, and I hope that you folks are too. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Sun and Moon!

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