Announcement: Adventure Rules and E3

Hey there, adventurers! I hope you all have been doing well and that you haven’t been too sad about the lack of content. Things have been pretty crazy for me and it doesn’t look like the crazy is going to slow down just yet. But I’m going to do what I can to bring content when I have the opportunity – in fact, that’s what this announcement is all about.

Next week starting on Tuesday, June 14th, the gaming world will be ablaze with news about what we can expect in the future. The Electronic Entertainment Expo will reveal all kinds of new stuff to look forward to, from details about anticipated games to new games we didn’t even know to anticipate. We’ll learn details about upcoming consoles and get to experience (directly or vicariously) demos of games that are to be released later this year.

Now I won’t be at E3 personally, but I will be doing some special stuff on the blog when the event rolls around. Part one of my big plan is to post all the news about any games or other content that I feel is relative to the blog. What do I mean by that? Well, I don’t own an X-Box One and have never talked about it, so if you’re interested in that news then I’m sorry, but this isn’t the place to be. However, I’ll be ready to talk about any news related to Nintendo, Sony, Bethesda, and probably Square Enix as well. Full posts on the blog will still occur once per day. The reason? So I have time to gather my thoughts and to present the news in an intelligent way. This means I’ll be covering some content earlier than other content – expect me to talk about Zelda and Pokemon way before I talk about anything Sony or Square Enix are doing.

HOWEVER – I understand that for some folks, you just want to see the news as it hits. You don’t necessarily want my paragraph-form, fully-formed opinion about things. Instead, as soon as a company announces something big, you want to be able to see it. I plan to provide for this by live-tweeting my reactions to E3 conferences and livestreams. This will allow you to see short-but-sweet bits of knowledge dropped at the conference as it happens, rather than waiting a few days for my full-length post on the subject. If you aren’t following Adventure Rules on Twitter, be sure to click this link and click follow so you don’t miss out. Of course, if you are already following on Facebook or would prefer to follow there, my Tweets will be posting there as well. You can find the Facebook page by clicking this link.

So to summarize, Adventure Rules is going to be providing you with not one, but two different ways to keep up with the news from E3. I’ll be live-tweeting news and my reactions as soon as I am able, and then throughout the week posting more in-depth reactions and analyses. Because the site will be offering multiple forms of coverage, you can look at whichever type suits your needs. Maybe you’ll be watching E3 right along with me but then want to see my opinions of the content you saw – hold out for the longer posts. Maybe you don’t care what I think but you’re not gonna be able to watch E3, so you want to follow some sites that’ll be posting and Tweeting news from the expo. Then just follow on Twitter or Facebook and see the news through social media. Whatever your interest in E3, it is my hope that Adventure Rules will provide something to help you enjoy it even more!

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