Observations about Pokemon

If Spoink dies when it stops bouncing, then wouldn’t fainting it be the same as killing it?

Since Feebas only evolves at maximum beauty, will a Feebas with a scar never become a Milotic?

Shouldn’t all fish Pokemon only be able to use Splash or Flail on land?

If the Charmander line dies when its tail fire goes out, shouldn’t Surf always be a one-hit kill?

Shouldn’t the names of Pokemon within a single region be consistent? I mean, the same region with a punny Pokemon name like Gogoat probably shouldn’t have a legendary with a foreign-sounding name like Ylvetal. Why not call it Blackbird?

How does Pokemon age work? And how does it correlate with evolution? Could a Pichu that stays really sad its entire life stay a Pichu while its younger brother becomes a Raichu? Or do Pokemon automatically evolve when they get “old” enough, but the time that passes in the games is just too short for that to happen?

If Steel type resists Dragon type, could you protect a Pokemon in a fight against a Dragon by putting it in a suit of armor?

Do Pokemon rights activists boycott Pokemon contests?

How do they decide the order of the gyms? It always seems like the first gym is in one of the least-populated parts of the country. Shouldn’t the first gym be somewhere easy for everyone to get to, and then later gyms are spread out in ridiculous places?

Do adults pretend to have weak Pokemon? If it’s tradition to start training somewhere around the 10-14 mark, then all grown ups should have already been training their Pokemon for ages. So why are there tons of adults that you can easily defeat in battle?

How many Hidden Machines are there? As in, how many copies of the same ones? Each game makes a big deal of having to get a specific hidden machine from this one specific person or place, but if they’re so necessary for getting around the country with Pokemon, shouldn’t they be readily available and easy to find? How do the other trainers in the game get them?

What happens if you level up a happy Eevee at twilight?

Today’s post is a bit short and sweet, but I thought it’d be fun to ponder these various questions. I’m going to be traveling today, but feel free to comment with your ideas about the answers to these questions and I’ll check them out when I’m no longer busy. I hope at least one of these made you chuckle or made you think. Have a great day, adventurers!

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