What Should the Next Adventure Rules Fanfic Be?

Today’s post is going to be a little different. I’m not gonna talk about my opinion on something, or write a story, or give advice to the adventurers. Instead, it’s gonna work the other way around. I’d like your opinion, your advice, on what kind of story you want to see next.

Fanfic Friday has been really hit-or-miss on the site. Part of it is bad timing, part of it was making commitments I then could not fill…that’s made it rough, and it’s blackened the record somewhat. My mission for the next three months is to change that. I wanted to consistently have a fanfic chapter uploaded every Friday, to finish a fanfic each month, for three consecutive months. It’s even listed in the site’s 2016 Blog Goals.

Now the month of April has just about come to an end. Friday, April 29th, will be the final chapter of the current fanfic, Mario Party. It’s been a fun ride writing such a dark story in such a light universe, and I generally get a pretty solid response from the few of you who are reading it. But I want more than just a solid response from a few people. I want to write something that the adventurer community is really interested in. Something that folks are truly invested in and want to know what happens next. A story that more readers will be actively enjoying.

So that’s why we’re here. That’s why this post is what it is.

I want to know what you all, the adventurers, the loyal readers of Adventure Rules, want to see in a fanfiction here on the site. Maybe you’re enjoying the crossover aspect of Mario Party and would like to see more of that. Maybe you’d prefer to see a fanfiction inspired by a more mainstream game. Maybe you want something more lighthearted and less scientifically dense for the next story. Whatever you feel, I can’t know what you feel until you tell me.

I understand that the concept of commenting or replying to blog posts is rather unpopular. I’ve tried interactivity in the past and it rarely works. This is a small blog with a small following, and even big bloggers have trouble getting people to talk back. This just isn’t that kind of community. But I’m confident that the adventurers can step up for this. After all, pretty much all you have to do is type in the name of your favorite game. That’s not so hard, right?

Anyway, I’ve said my piece. This post is already long enough on my end. Now is your time. What kind of fanfiction would you like to see for the month of May? Feel free to retweet, send me asks on Tumblr, message the Adventure Rules page on Facebook, whatever. Just reply in whatever way works best for you, and flood me with ideas so I can get an idea of what the adventurer community really wants.

I look forward to seeing your answers!

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