The Outrealms – Chapter Two – Lost and Found (Part Two)

This is a fanfiction. The characters and world of the games involved in this story are the intellectual property of Nintendo. I am simply writing an original story in their world.

The Outrealms is designed for an appropriate audience based on the rating of the games that inspired the story. Expect content equivalent to that of a T-rated game. Mild language, frightening elements, mild suggestive themes, thematic elements, and fantasy violence may appear.

If you have not read the previous chapters of this story, you can find themĀ here. While each chapter can stand alone to a degree, I recommend you read the previous chapters to experience the full impact of the story.


Finding the lost maimai children would be more difficult than either Link or Lucina first believed. This became clear when they reached the central hub of the building, a massive chamber that stretched both upwards and downwards as far their eyes could see. A ramp walkway led all around this chamber in a spiral pattern, and there were countless doors splitting off and heading in different directions.

“That’s a lot of options,” Link said.

“Without knowing where we’re going, navigating this place could take days,” Lucina added. “We don’t have time for this. Every moment we spend wandering is more time for the monsters to harm Mother Maimai’s children.”

Link pulled the collar of tunic and glanced down into his shirt. “Navi, do you have any advice?”

The little fairy poked her head out. “Try the closest door. You have to start somewhere.” She then retreated back into Link’s tunic, her soft blue glow muted by the fabric.

The closest door looked quite different from any of the doors they’d encountered so far. A metal sheet had been attached over the surface of the door, preventing anyone from striking the blue force field with energy and getting the door open. Link smashed his sword against the metal shield, with no luck.

“Try to pry it off,” Lucina suggested. The hero grabbed ahold of the edges of the sheet and pulled. It didn’t budge an inch. Link let go and shook his head.

Lucina gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “I suppose we’ll just have to go to the second closest door, then.”

The next door functioned like the others they were accustomed to, and Link got it open instantly. It led down a long hallway with many other doors on the sides. They checked each room to little avail. One room contained nothing but a small platform on the floor, sending up a column of light towards what appeared to be a metal claw on the ceiling. Another room had a similar design, but was projecting a map of the facility. Unfortunately, neither Link nor Lucina had any way of interacting with the map.

Wherever they went, they were constantly marveled by the things they saw. Dark screens flashed countless glowing symbols with no input or influence, switching between images and strings of unfamiliar characters. Glowing lights and mysterious buttons were everywhere, none of which reacted when pressed or examined. The whole building operated on the power of a magic that neither of them could harness.

“One more room to try,” Lucina said. Link held his sword aloft and blasted the door with energy, the shutters retreating into the wall and opening the way into a massive room.

The first thing Lucina noticed was the sky. Transparent screens on the opposite wall revealed the outside of this odd building they were in, and as far as she could see there was only blackness and a sea of stars. A few large machines were in the room, but Lucina could not identify their purpose. Their designs reminded her vaguely of birds. All around the room there were consoles with buttons, glowing panels, screens full of information she couldn’t read. And in this room, they finally found people.

The creatures were horrifying to look at. Bent and gnarled in appearance, their pointed and twisted visage was increased by the jagged edges of their strange armor. Their skinny arms carried no visible weapons other than gauntlet swords attached to their left arms. Devices were attached to their right hands as well, but Lucina could not discern their purpose. As she and Link came into the room, all the creatures turned to face them and began hissing at each other. Suddenly, they all turned as one and lifted the unusual devices on their right arms.

“Get back!” Link sh0uted. He leapt forward and held his shield aloft in front of Lucina, the devices firing spheres of red light that hurtled towards them. The hero’s shield caught the blasts of light and shuddered beneath the impact, each one pushing Link a little further back. Lucina ran towards the closest monster, drawing the Falchion as she ran. The beast turned its weapon on her, firing forth more beams of light at such speed that Lucina could not safely approach. She managed to dive to the side and position herself behind one of the bird machines.

Mixed in with the blasts still bombarding Link, she could hear footsteps. Some of the creatures were trying to corner her. She held her blade flat against her leg and carefully strafed one side of the machine, poking her head around the corner to see a monster approaching. She waited silently until the creature reached the corner. Once it appeared, she struck fast and hard, swatting aside its firing arm and then plunging the Falchion into an opening in the creature’s armor. It hissed loudly as it crumpled to the ground, Lucina quickly running to avoid the second creature trying to pincer her on the other side.

Link had managed to position himself behind one of the large machines as well. He appeared for an instant, the Master Sword swinging a wide arc and launching a beam of light towards the assailants. The beam crashed into one and sent it sprawling, the hero disappearing behind cover while the other beasts retreated a few steps. Now knowing that he had a way to retaliate, they were more careful about their approach.

As Lucina ran from her pursuer, she suddenly turned on her heel and ran back the other way. The monster turned the corner and was unprepared for her to be charging it at full speed. Desperately raising its sword arm, the beast only managed to block one blow before Lucina brought it to its knees. With her two pursuers dispatched, she could focus on helping Link – she just needed to find a way to do so.

Suddenly, a familiar sound greeted Lucina’s ears. A voice, small but impossible to avoid.

“Hey, listen!” Navi chirped. The glowing fairy had waited for Lucina to take out the monster before revealing herself. “These creatures are space pirates. They kidnap wild animals and steal technology to perform illegal experiments. They’re not strong underneath their armor, so if you can find a chink-”

“One step ahead of you, Navi,” Lucina replied.

“Okay, well Link thinks that if you two can pincer them between you, you can overwhelm them,” the fairy said. “He said he’ll follow your lead.”

Lucina nodded and then took a moment to breathe. She readied the Falchion and then leapt out from behind her cover, running towards the pirates at full speed. They didn’t notice her until her sword cut into their ranks. As they all turned, Link smashed into them from the other side.

In quarters this close, the space pirates couldn’t mount an effective defense with their blasters. Their gauntlet blades stood no chance against such proficient swordsmen. Those faced with Lucina’s speed and skill found themselves outpaced and outwitted, while those battling Link and his raw, unbridled power were overwhelmed. Arcs of blue and white light decorated the battlefield as the Falchion and the Master Sword danced together, cutting an effortless swath through the space pirates. In only moments, the two heroes stood alone in victory.

“Impressive,” said a voice. “For wielding such archaic weapons.”

Lucina and Link turned with swords at the ready. Standing before them was a woman, dressed from head to toe in a formfitting blue suit. She carried in one hand what appeared to be a blasting weapon similar to those wielded by the space pirates. Very tall and slender with an impressive figure, everything about this woman looked hard and tough. She kept her blond hair tied in a tight ponytail, and her sharp green eyes showed only determination.

“How long were you watching us?” Lucina questioned.

“I walked in at the end,” the woman answered. “You two appear to be enemies with the space pirates, so for the moment I’ll consider you a friend. Who are you?”

Lucina handled the introductions. “My name is Lucina, and this is Link. We’re here to rescue some creatures the space pirates have captured.”

“I see,” the woman replied. “My name is Samus. I’m a bounty hunter.”

The Ylissean princess tightened her grip on her blade. “As in a mercenary? What exactly have you been hired to do?”

Samus held up her hands in a mock defensive pose. “Easy there. Obviously someone doesn’t trust bounty hunters. That’s a good attitude to have.” She reached down to her belt and unclipped something, bringing it up to show Lucina. “I’m working for the Galactic Federation. Some troops were kidnapped and they’re suspected to be on this ship. I’m here to rescue them.”

“Ship?” Link asked. “You mean like a boat? But we’re in the sky.”

“Space ship,” Samus elaborated. “Neither of you have heard of one before? Exactly where did you all come from? How did you get up here without knowing where you were?”

Link began to answer immediately. “We’re from another-”

“That’s not your business,” Lucina interrupted, giving Link a hard look. “You speak as if working for this ‘federation’ should mean something to me, but it doesn’t. The fact is, you work for money, and we have no idea if we can trust you. So we’ll keep our origins our own, at least for the time being.”

Samus shrugged. “Whatever you think is best. I was going to offer for the three of us to work together, since the two of you don’t seem to know your way around. But I’m fine with working alone. I prefer it, actually.”

“Whoa, wait just a minute,” Link said. He pulled Lucina to the side. “Listen, we don’t know where we’re going and we don’t know how anything on this ship works. If Samus is okay with helping us, I say we work with her.”

“You can’t trust every pretty girl you meet, Link,” Lucina chided.

“It’s not because she’s pretty!” Link exclaimed, blushing hotly. Samus overheard this and gave the young man a quizzical look. Her attention only increased the redness of Link’s face. “I mean, whether she’s pretty or not doesn’t matter. I mean – we need her, okay? We’ve been running around since we got here without finding any of Mother Maimai’s children. Maybe she can work the map, or open the weird door with the metal over it.”

“I hate to interrupt this fascinating discussion,” Samus said, “but that weird door is where you need to go. The research facility is that way, and that’s where they’ll have any living creature that’s imprisoned here. And I can open that door, I just need to get something first. So if you want to get where you’re going, it sounds like you’re stuck with me.”

Lucina sighed. She didn’t trust mercenaries, but Link had a point. They certainly didn’t know what they were doing, while Samus seemed quite confident. The princess sheathed her blade and turned to face the bounty hunter.

“Fine,” she said. “We’ll work together for now. What exactly is it you need to get?”

Samus gestured to one of the bird machines, one much more brightly colored and uniquely designed than the others.

“That’s my gunship,” she explained. “My armor is inside. It still needed repairs when I first arrived, so I decided to scout out the place while the repairs finished. Now that the armor’s ready, we can really start to do some damage here.”

Samus leapt into the air and landed on the nose of her gunship, quickly walking to the top and bending down to input something on a small keypad. Suddenly, the ship lowered Samus down, the woman disappearing from sight for a few moments.

“Link,” Lucina began, “we need to work on your reaction to attractive women. All the blushing and staring does not befit someone destined to save the world.”

“Sorry,” Link replied. “I don’t know what came over me. My body has never felt like that before.”

“You mean that to tell me during your entire adolescence you never once saw a woman you thought was-”

And then Lucina realized.

“You didn’t,” she sighed. “The whole time your body was growing up your mind was asleep. Physically, you’re a grown man, but mentally you have no idea what to do about that.”

“What does that mean?” Link questioned.

Lucina sighed again. “It means I need to take you back home to Zelda, because you and I are certainly not having this conversation.”

A large hissing sound issued from Samus’s gunship, a platform slowly raising her out of the machine. She looked even fiercer now than before. Metal armor covered her from head to toe; red armor for her head and chest, yellow for the torso, and orange for her limbs. The helmet bore a translucent green visor, across which Lucina could see tiny characters scrolling. Samus’s armor also bore a weapon, a large cannon on the right arm that looked immensely more powerful than the small blasters wielded by the space pirates. The bounty hunter leapt off of her ship and landed in front of the two heroes, steam issuing from vents on the suit as she landed. As she rose up, the plates of the armor adjusted accordingly. For metal, it appeared quite flexible, and did not seem to hinder her movements at all.

“Now that’s cool,” Link smiled.

“If we’re all done gawking,” Samus said, her voice altered through the suit, “let’s go blast some pirates.”

She aimed her cannon at the door and fired a small, concentrated sphere of light. It flew across the room as swiftly as an arrow, smashing into the door and easily breaking the glowing blue barrier over it. The bounty hunter ran through the door, and the heroes followed quickly after.

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