The Outrealms – Chapter One – Those Who Don’t Belong (Part Three)

This is a fanfiction. The characters and world of the games involved in this story are the intellectual property of Nintendo. I am simply writing an original story in their world.

The Outrealms is designed for an appropriate audience based on the rating of the games that inspired the story. Expect content equivalent to that of a T-rated game. Mild language, frightening elements, mild suggestive themes, thematic elements, and fantasy violence may appear.


It took two days for the rebels to travel from the battlefield to their main encampment. Lucina learned many things in that time. The country that Walhart had conquered was known as Hyrule, a blessed land of plenty that had struggled underneath his tyranny for seven years. Only recently did they find real hope, and that hope came in the form of Link, who they called the Hero of Time.

She came to know Link somewhat after traveling with him. He was eager and confident, yet humble; simultaneously a child and a man. The hero was untested, but he believed in his cause and he loved his people. And now Lucina stood at his side. The two of them together would discover how to defeat Walhart and bring the Conqueror down.

The Hylians hid at Lon Lon Ranch, a large farm known for their quality livestock and delicious milk. Walhart ignored the ranch, as his monsters did not ride horses or have much need for the milk and meat provided there. This allowed the Hylian rebels to live and plot right under his nose. Lucina knew Walhart’s mind well, though; likely he did nothing to the ranch simply because he did not see it as a threat to his massive power.

Upon their arrival they were met at the gate by the rancher’s daughter, a girl named Malon the same age as Link. He introduced her to Lucina, who nodded politely but did not bother to speak to the girl at length. There was only one person here the princess wanted to meet; the one in charge.

“When can I speak to your leader?” she asked after Link and Malon finished their talk.

Link held up his hands in mock surrender. “Whoa, okay. We can go anytime, really, I’m just trying to be friendly. Malon puts up with a lot, keeping all these soldiers here. I want her and her father to feel comfortable.”

Lucina nodded. “I’m sorry. I’m simply concerned about Walhart. The sooner we start planning the sooner we can free your people.”

“Then let’s start planning.”

Link led Lucina past the gateway into the ranch and into the ranch-house. The decorations were simple and the living area dirty – white feathers littered the room, with piles of straw in each corner for chickens to sleep in. At least, they looked like chickens – the white-feathered birds immediately took flight to prove the princess’s assumption wrong. She backed up as one flapped through the air right in front of her face, the creature landing on the other side of the room and hopping about a bit. Her guide took her up the living room staircase up into a narrow hallway, where there were two rooms on the left side.

“The second room,” Link said.

Lucina gave him a stern look. “You’re not coming with me?”

He shook his head. “I’m just gonna head back down and check on the soldiers. You’ll be fine.”

Link headed back down the stairs, leaving Lucina to wonder why in the world he wouldn’t go in with her. She knocked at the door and stepped back, taking a breath to steady herself. Footsteps sounded from the other side of the door. After a moment, the door came open and a woman stood in the doorway, looking Lucina up and down. The woman was very tall and rather thin, wearing her white hair in a ponytail. Her armor had tribal painting and intricate designs, and her tan skin was heavily tattooed.

“Who are you?” she scowled. Lucina replied quickly and did her best to maintain a stern expression.

“My name is Lucina,” she replied. “I’m a princess from another world. The world where Walhart came from. Link brought me here to speak to your leader.”

The woman scowled. “Link. Of course. That child is always doing one thing or other to cause trouble around here.”

Well that explains Link’s sudden disappearance,” Lucina thought to herself.

The tattooed woman showed no sign of budging, but suddenly a voice from within the room called out.

“Impa, allow her to come inside. I trust Link, and I wish to hear this woman’s story.”

Impa scowled but grudgingly allowed Lucina to step through. She stepped into the hallway and shut the door, but the princess heard her draw a blade of some kind. If anything happened, the guard would be ready.

The Hylian leader turned to face Lucina as she entered. Slender and beautiful, the woman had pale skin and long blonde hair. Her ears were pointed, a quality Lucina had noticed on Link and Impa as well but that stood out more prominently here. When she spoke, her voice was full of authority and power.

“My name is Zelda,” she said. “I am the princess of Hyrule. I welcome you, Lucina, and would hear of your journey from another world.”

She gestured for Lucina to take a seat on one of the wooden chairs in the room. The Ylissean obliged, and the Hylian took a seat on the chair across from her.

“My home country is called Ylisse,” Lucina began. “There’s a small island in the south that we call the Outrealm Gate. It is a path that leads between worlds. I traveled that path once before, to journey from my own time to the time I came here from. I took this journey through time to prevent a tragedy that would destroy my world. With the help of many friends, I succeeded, and saved Ylisse and the world around it from destruction. Part of this involved stopping Walhart the Conqueror. I watched my father kill him. Or so I thought.”

“When we won the war against darkness and saved the world, I chose to leave Ylisse. I didn’t belong in that time period. It was time for me to move on. I heard rumors of a red knight traveling south towards the Outrealm Gate. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find Walhart, alive, and standing at the gate. I tried to prevent his entry, but he made it through. I jumped into the gate a moment later.”

Zelda stopped her for a moment. “If you passed through at the same time, how is it that Walhart arrived seven years ago? Where have you been all this time?”

“I just arrived two days ago,” Lucina explained. “Link can confirm this. He saw me plunge from the sky. I experienced this phenomenon before, when I made the journey through time. Many companions went with me, and when we began I was the oldest of them. However, the fluid nature of time in the gates caused many of them to arrive before me. They spent years there before I even arrived and became older than me. The same thing has happened with Walhart.”

“I see.”

“Now you must pick up where my story leaves off,” Lucina said. “What happened when Walhart arrived? How has he become the emperor of Hyrule?”

Zelda’s face darkened, the sadness for her people reflected in her expression. Lucina knew that pain well. The Hylian princess began her story.

“When Walhart arrived, I immediately recognized what he was. A monster, a murderer, a tyrant. I warned my father the king, but he did not believe me. I needed help, someone courageous enough to stand and face Walhart and prevent him from ruining this fair land. Coincidentally, a boy arrived. A troublemaker, someone sneaking into the palace to get a look at the pretty princess. Yet the boy had an innocent heart. He was pure and full of courage. I chose him as my hero, and tasked him with obtaining the Master Sword. The blade of evil’s bane.”

“Link,” Lucina said, realizing.

“Yes,” Zelda nodded. “Link went through much, much trouble to obtain the blade. He who would wield it must prove his worth by gathering three spiritual stones. They represent the three tenets of our gods: courage, wisdom, and power. Link traveled all over Hyrule to earn those stones, and underwent many trials. When he finally had them, he was able to open the way to the Master Sword. But the sword is more than a weapon, and when Link drew it, disaster struck.”

“The Master Sword was the lock on the door to the Sacred Realm. Inside that realm was the Triforce, a holy relic that contains all the power of the gods and grants the wishes of whoever touches it. Drawing the sword opened the path to the Triforce, and Walhart took advantage of the opportunity and went into the Sacred Realm. He laid his hands on the Triforce.”

Lucina gasped. “So he wished to be emperor?”

“Not quite,” Zelda replied. “The gods had a security measure in place for just such an occasion. He who touches the Triforce must have wisdom, courage, and power in equal measure. He must be worthy. Walhart was not. The Triforce shattered into three pieces, each one gravitating to someone who best represented that value. The Triforce of Power stayed in Walhart’s hand, but the Triforce of Wisdom came to me, while the Triforce of Courage resonated with Link.”

“To protect Walhart from reassembling the Triforce, and because Link was too young to wield the Master Sword, the gods put him into a deep sleep. His mind and spirit rested while his body aged, so that when the time came he could leave the Sacred Realm a grown man large and strong enough to wield the Master Sword. As long as his body slept in the Sacred Realm, Walhart could not touch him.”

So Link had slept for seven years, aging physically while his mind and heart were in stasis. That explained much about his personality.

“Meanwhile, Walhart used the might of the Triforce of Power to declare himself the ruler of Hyrule. He killed my father and came for me next. Lacking the power to fight him directly, I disguised myself and spent those seven years in hiding. My people looked to me for strength. With the king dead, I was next in line for the throne. As the true ruler of Hyrule, and the wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom, I had to guide my people during this dark era.”

“You were what? Ten years old?” Lucina questioned.

Zelda simply nodded.

The two sat there for a few minutes, just letting everything sink in. Lucina found a kindred spirit in Zelda. Both of them had been forced to lead their people long before they were ready. Both of them lost their fathers. The only difference was that Lucina had been able to undo everything, to meet her father again and to save her people. For Zelda, victory was still in the future.

Lucina would do everything she could to help her.

“Zelda,” Lucina said. “I am with you. Walhart came from my world and I was unable to stop him. I will stand beside you and help you overcome him.”

“Thank you, Lucina,” Zelda smiled. “Every soldier is a blessing in a war such as this. Now I ask you, do you have any insight into Walhart’s strategies? Do you know of any weakness he may have?”

Lucina frowned at that. “I do know Walhart’s weakness, but unfortunately it is not much to go on. His armor is impenetrable, his axe mighty, and with this Triforce now in his hands I imagine his power is even greater than it was before. My father and his allies were able to overcome him only by standing together. Walhart’s weakness is his philosophy, his belief that a leader leads through fear and power. The only way I know of to overcome him is to stand against him united, knowing that our philosophy will overcome his own in the end.”

“You’re right,” Zelda said. “That is not much to go on.”

Lucina stood up and placed her hands against the table. “Link can do it. He may not be a strong leader yet, but he loves his people and his country. With him at the helm you might stand a chance. I just wish the gods hadn’t left him such a child.”

“Perhaps,” the Hylian princess countered, “the gods made the right choice. I too have struggled to understand it. Why not allow him to train for those seven years, to grow and mature as a leader and to become stronger by keeping his body active and refining his skill? It is so odd seeing a man behave like a boy, especially a man destined to be the hero of his people. Yet at the same time, it is Link’s innocence and naivety, his enthusiasm and his hope, that make him a hero. The Master Sword needs the arm of a man. But Hyrule needs the heart of a child. By putting Link to sleep for all those years, the gods have created someone who can be both.”

“Courage against power,” Lucina mused. “Boy versus man, hope versus fear, good versus evil. We must all hold fast to our belief that good triumphs in the end. It’s the only way to defeat Walhart. The confidence that what we stand for is stronger than his own beliefs. Link and I will stand against Walhart. And if we trust in our hopes for a better tomorrow, we will win in the end.”

Zelda nodded, standing up so that she was looking Lucina directly in the eyes.

“It will be as you say, except for one thing,” she said. “I too will stand with you.”


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