The Outrealms – Chapter One – Those Who Don’t Belong (Part Two)

This is a fanfiction. The characters and world of the games involved in this story are the intellectual property of Nintendo. I am simply writing an original story in their world.

The Outrealms is designed for an appropriate audience based on the rating of the games that inspired the story. Expect content equivalent to that of a T-rated game. Mild language, frightening elements, mild suggestive themes, thematic elements, and fantasy violence may appear.

Lucina’s plunge through the Outrealm Gate lasted only a moment, but felt like a lifetime. Stars were all around her in all different shapes and colors, creating a rainbow of light around her as she fell. No wind rushed by her as she fell, for there were no physics here – just the sensation of passing through space and time itself, a complex and overwhelming feeling that gave her a headache. She’d experienced this once before when she traveled from her present to her past. Somehow she’d forgotten all about it, but the trip suddenly came back to her mind again in incredible detail.

Beneath her, the infinite expanse of space began to shift. A small tear opened up, obscuring the stars and the blackness and finally revealing solid ground. Still too far up to see, Lucina prepared herself for what she remembered was a rough landing. The tear began to expand and change, becoming less of a tear and more of an intentional opening. Rounding out and forming a large portal, the tear was Lucina’s destination, the destination that Walhart had already plunged through. She braced herself as she punched through the swirling vortex of energy that served as the barrier between worlds, and found herself hurtling straight towards the ground. Lucina managed to turn herself so that her feet landed on the ground, her impact sending a small pulse of energy outward around her.

She rose to her feet and looked about. All around her were soldiers, embroiled in combat only a moment before by the look of things. Now they were all focused on her, the woman who’d fallen from the sky.

The opposing forces were humans and monsters. The human soldiers wore dull grey armor and carried either spears or swords along with highly decorated shields. The monsters were more varied; some appeared to be goblins, others lizards, some pig-men, but all were armed to the teeth with spiked clubs or wickedly curved blades. Lucina’s hand went to her sword, unsure of what to expect as everyone on the battlefield focused on her.

A warrior stepped forward from the human side. Clad in a green tunic with a blue scarf, he looked to be the commander of their army. An odd choice, considering he was no older than Lucina. He stared at her curiously through blue eyes, no fear or wariness to be seen. From inside his tunic a small creature suddenly emerged, flying towards Lucina and stopping in the air barely an inch from her face. The small creature was a winged woman whose body glowed brightly, shifting from blue to yellow as she approached.

“Watch out!” she cried, bobbing up and down as she turned to face the boy. Lucina did not draw her weapon; she certainly felt threatened, but she had no idea what these two sides represented or whether she ought to get involved at all. The Falchion would only leave its scabbard when she was sure of its purpose.

The boy took a few confident strides forward, closing the distance between him and Lucina. His blond hair was mostly obscured by a green hat, oddly loose and ill-fitted for the battlefield.

“Who are you?” he asked. “Did Walhart send you here?”

Lucina scowled at the name. “I do not serve Walhart. I’ve come to stop him from hurting anyone else.” The boy smiled at that, but Lucina heard the monsters growling behind her. Their feet pounded against the grass below, the human soldiers crying out before rushing forward to meet them.

Lucina drew her sword and turned to face the incoming monsters. She was swarmed by goblin-like creatures swinging clubs like berserkers. Easily parrying their wild blows, she cut each one down after its attack, tearing through the whole swarm with incredible ease. A lizardman bore down on her with scimitars in hand, delivering a quick strike before leaping up into the air to dodge her retort. The creature flew right above her head and then plummeted down behind, Lucina managing to bring her sword around just in time to parry the monster’s slash. She pushed against the beast’s scimitar and sent it hurtling backward before rushing in to deliver a fatal blow to its chest.

Nearby, the boy and his glowing companion were fighting another group of monsters. His style was wild and untrained – it looked as if he’d never had a teacher. Yet for his lack of control he possessed incredible power, the white blade in his left hand knocking aside a handful of goblinoids with a single swipe. He protected his flank with a shield, a very sturdy one that did not buckle or even scratch when it deflected the blows of enemy weapons. When danger approached him from behind, his companion would warn him, and the boy would change his focus and take out the enemy behind him before easily shifting back to his other enemies. Lucina had never seen a warrior change focus so fast.

The two of them cleared their enemies in a matter of moments, the boy smiling at her with genuine pleasure.

“You’re really good,” he complimented. “Where’d you learn to fight?”

“I’m not sure we have time for this right now,” Lucina chided. Two of the pig-men were approaching them, these soldiers twice the size of a grown man and wielding far-reaching halberds. She struck a defensive pose – years on the battlefield had taught her that spears were the enemy of any swordsman, their superior reach making it difficult to get close.

“Oh, these guys are nothing,” the boy shrugged. “Watch me.”

He rushed forward and sidestepped a thrust from the closest monster, delivering a few quick slashes from his blade and leaving the creature slain on the ground. A quick “watch out!” from his companion warned him of an incoming attack on his left side, the boy bringing up his shield in an instant and knocking the blow aside effortlessly. The pig-man readied to thrust again, the boy jumping backward out of the way of the lunge before then jumping forward and delivering a powerful leaping cut to the beast. The monster stumbled backward and fell, defeated, and the boy smiled and cheered at his victory.

“See? No problem!” he said. Lucina found his youthful energy and enthusiasm somewhat odd. Perhaps she’d overestimated his age?

His soldiers weren’t having as much ease with the enemy. The goblin creatures were pretty easy to hold back, but the lizard warriors were too fast and the pig-men too mighty for most of the human soldiers to handle on their own. Yet they did not form into teams or use strategic approaches to make up for the difference in ability.

“Your men are struggling,” Lucina explained. “We need to help them or you’re going to have a lot of casualties.”

The boy looked around and noticed that the human soldiers were being pushed back. “You’re right. I’ll find the leader and defeat him!”

Before Lucina could stop him, the boy took off. Lucina sighed and rushed towards the nearest group of soldiers, delivering a killing blow to the pig-man pushing them back. She then stood upon his back to give her some sort of elevation.

“Listen up!” she shouted. “If you want to defeat these monsters you’ll have to work as a team. Isolate the stronger enemies and fight them in groups to get the advantage.”

She jumped down and rushed over to a lizardman readying to kill a human soldier. Lucina blocked the killing blow and helped the soldier to his feet. She stood back-to-back with him as the lizardman leapt into the air. The monster landed in front of the soldier, the man managing to block the attack. Lucina stepped around to his right, stabbing the distracted lizardman and defeating it.

“Fight back-to-back against the lizards!” she cried. She noticed some soldiers following her advice as she rushed to a nearby woman pinned down by a pig-man. Lucina blocked a spear thrust and pulled the woman out, the pig-man grunting and moving in for another strike.

“Stab him after I block his attack,” Lucina explained. As the monster thrust with his spear, Lucina stopped the momentum with her sword and turned the blow aside. The soldier beside her stepped forward and thrust with his own spear, jabbing right into the heart of the pig-man. He collapsed, slain, the princess turning to her newfound ally.

“Show the others,” she said. Then, louder, “everybody fight in pairs! Together you are much stronger than you could ever be alone!”

The soldiers began to form pairs and to use the strategies Lucina showed them. The princess moved from group to group, helping the stragglers to form together into units and slowly work together to take out the monsters. Now equipped with knowledge and newfound morale, the human force stopped the monsters in their tracks and began pushing them back.

Lucina broke off from the other soldiers and pushed through the enemy force on her own, the Falchion easily cutting a path through the monsters. She needed to find the boy and return him to his troops. His presence leading their charge would help the army capitalize on their new momentum.

The boy was embroiled in combat with a massive creature clad from head to toe in shining black armor. Wielding a sword the length of the boy’s body and likely just as heavy, the monster swung with incredible force, all of its power invested into every blow. The boy managed to sidestep each attack but could do nothing to break through the solid wall of armor covering the monster.

Lucina rushed in with Falchion drawn, taking a deep breath and focusing all of her energy on the monster before her. Her father Chrom possessed the power of the sun and moon within him, powers that had been passed down to Lucina. Luna, the power of the moon, could cut through any armor. By calling on that power, she could defeat this mighty wall before her.

The monster noticed her and charged, Lucina jumping to the side to avoid its mighty swing. She put all of her focus and desire to access the power of the moon into her strike, lunging forward and smashing the Falchion right against the chest plate of the monster. Her sword bounced away harmlessly, the monster roaring as it swung the sword horizontally right towards Lucina.

“No!” came a shout, the boy leaping into the way and knocking Lucina out of the blow’s range. He body was struck by the full force of the sword’s flat, sending him sprawling sideways. He lay still in the grass for a moment, and Lucina did as well, both breathing heavily as the monster collected itself.

“We have to work together,” Lucina said between gasps. “It’s the only way to stop an enemy like this.”

The two rose to their feet as the mighty beast drew closer, sword dragging the ground. The boy’s glowing companion still hovered around the monster, her constant vigil keeping them aware of any danger around. Lucina held the Falchion defensively, still trying to access the moon’s power. For his part, the boy’s eyes were darting up and down the monster, looking for something – anything – he could use against it. Suddenly, his face lit up.

“I’ve got it! Keep him distracted.”

Lucina nodded and rushed forward, delivering a series of quick slashes to the monster’s armor as the beast rose its sword high. The heavy blade came crashing down and she rolled to the side to avoid it. Behind the beast, the boy delivered two precision slashes with his blade. Suddenly, the monster’s chestplate fell to the ground, exposing its massive chest. The boy poked his head around and smiled.

“I cut the cords.”

The monster roared and hefted it sword high again. The boy jabbed it in the back with his sword, the beast crying out in agony and dropping his sword. The heavy blade hit the ground with a thud, Lucina rushing forward and driving the Falchion into the now-unarmed monster’s chest. Black smoke began pouring out from its wounds, and after a moment the whole creature had evaporated before them.

With their leader defeated and the human army advancing, the monsters beat a hasty retreat. The human forces cheered and raised their spears into the air as the monsters fled. Lucina let out a sigh of relief; the boy cheered, laughed, jumped up and down, and then suddenly wrapped her in  a massive hug. She blushed and pushed him away.

“Okay, calm down,” she urged. “The battle’s won but the war isn’t over.”

“Aren’t you happy?” the boy asked. “That was awesome!”

“You need to focus less on the glory of battle and more on your soldiers,” Lucina chided. She sheathed her weapon and stood with her arms crossed. “Is this the first war where you’ve commanded an army?”

“Yep,” the boy answered, picking his sword back up off the ground and sheathing it. “In fact, this is my first battle since I joined the army.”

Lucina balked at that. “Are you serious? You’ve never been a soldier but they made you a commander?”

“There’s not really anyone else to do it,” the boy shrugged. He stretched out a hand and cracked a goofy smile. “My name is Link, by the way. What’s yours?”

“Lucina,” she answered. She did not take the extended hand. “I need to speak with whoever you answer to. The monsters are not your only problem. You asked me before if I work for Walhart. That man is my enemy, and he is a serious threat to your country.”

Link’s expression was one between confusion and grief. “Oh…you mean you don’t know? Those monster soldiers are Walhart’s army.”

“He’s been the Emperor of this country for seven years.”

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