I’m a Tease: Adventure Rules Update 1.6

In a matter of weeks, 2015 is going to be over and 2016 is going to be here. At that time, some new stuff is going to happen for Adventure Rules. New stuff that hopefully will make the site more accessible and enjoyable.

Now I could tell you exactly what that new stuff is gonna be. And you’d know, and you could be excited and hyped, and I guess that would be fun. Or I could not tell you, but just give you an idea, and then you’d be all trying to guess and stuff. And that’d be pretty fun, right?

There are some things I will say with certainty. Like, for example, the fact that starting January 1st, Adventure Rules WILL be returning to its normal schedule. A post every day, at 9:00 AM EST, seven days a week. Tabletop content on Tuesdays, fanfic content on Fridays. All of that will be back when the new year starts.

Of course, not all of it will be back in the exact same format. Fanfic Friday is going to be changed up quite a bit. I’ve decided that rather than doing short fiction each month, Fanfic Friday will be an ongoing story similar to what Monster Fighting League was planned to be. I already have some elements of the story planned and I think it should be one that meets with some success here on the site.

In all likelihood, the first week of Adventure Rules in January will also be a Multiplayer Week. If you haven’t been around for Multiplayer Week before, it’s a week where I promise to bring my A-game in exchange for a promise from my readers to share that A-game with others. Whenever you enjoy a post during that time, I encourage you to share it with others either in person or via social media. This will be a great way to get things going again after the difficult times during November and December.

I also have some other activities planned that won’t necessarily fall on a certain week day. I recently mentioned an idea to create a Myers-Briggs inspired tabletop game, and while I originally planned just to discuss the idea and then leave it be, I have been challenged by a reader to do more than that, and by-golly I intend to rise to the challenge (this was actually a very friendly and encouraging exchange, but challenge sounds cooler). So maybe once or twice a month I will provide updates and sneak-peaks on my progress as I continue to work on this psychologically-driven tabletop game.

Now I have a couple of other big plans. But if I spill all the beans, we won’t have any to make burritos. Or chili. Or whatever other bean-related thing you may want to eat. Now I’ll only be making those beans for you guys, because personally I do not enjoy beans. It’s just how I’m wired. So if I spilled all the beans, I’d be okay, but you would not. So I won’t spill the beans.

However, I did say that I am a tease, so I will tease you now.

Your hair looks silly.

See? I teased you. What, that’s not good enough? Okay, okay, seriously, here’s a little sneak peak at the big plan for the new year.

Up until this point, I have been accessible to two main groups of people. My personal friends on Facebook, and people who follow the blog on WordPress.com. Now that’s not a huge audience, and it’s one that I intend to expand on. And any readers I have who don’t have access to me through either of those things have no way to follow me except to look up the site over and over again and maybe there’s an update and a post but then maybe there isn’t and golly isn’t that a hassle? My goal for the new year is to make Adventure Rules more accessible to the public at large. And I have plans to make that happen. Plans that involve exclusive content. Plans that will make the blog easier to find for everyone who wants to read it. Plans that involve a new look and feel for the blog.

Adventure Rules II is coming.

Be ready.


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