Cordially, The Sun

Dear Mario,
Sorry I rammed into you the other day. I lost my contacts and had to use an old prescription, so I couldn’t really see where I was going. Next time you’re in my neighborhood I’ll give you a hug to apologize.
The Sun

Dear Ganondorf,
Next time you see Link, can you break his ocarina? I’m tired of having to pop up or go away every time he plays that stupid song about me.
The Sun

Dear Kirby,
I’ve got a hot date with the moon this weekend. Can you eat a gourmet chef and cook up a meal for us? If you’re not available, I’ll settle for a Max Tomato.
The Sun

Dear Star Fox,
You still owe me $3000 for blowing up that Slippy guy with the solar flare. Those things aren’t easy for me to make, you know. Pay up or Krystal gets it next.
The Sun

Dear Olimar,
I just wanted to apologize for setting too early the other night. My allergy meds make me really drowsy. Send my regards to all the Pikmin whose family were eaten by ladybugs.
The Sun

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  1. Dear Sun,

    Payment will be withheld re: the “Slippy Incident” until you actually finish the job.

    Also, as far as I’m concerned, it’s open season on Krystal.



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