Okay, Here’s What’s Actually Gonna Happen in November

Okay. So last week I posted a thing where I was like “hey, here’s all the cool stuff I plan to do in November, marvel at how awesome I am, this blog is SO AMAZING!” Well, maybe not quite like that. But anyway, I teased at lots of plans that I had for this month.

Then my plans exploded.

You see, I mentioned off-handedly in that update that my work is entering its peak season, and that overtime at my job is going up. Holy cow, did I underestimate just how time-consuming overtime is. Combining that with Halloween, my birthday, my wife and I both being sick…this week has already been crazy, and chances are the month isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon.

In light of all that craziness, I am going to undo my previous update and give you a new update.

Fanfic Friday and Monster Fighting League are both on hiatus. MFL may come back later this month, but no promises there. Fanfic Friday will definitely not return until December, at which point I will be doing the promised Legend of Zelda fanfic. I’m sorry for the delay, but I hope you all are still excited!

Tabletop Tuesday will not go away. I know I missed yesterday, but I will do my best to keep that segment going. It’s easier to type out those posts on a tight schedule than it is to write an entire short fiction piece. Also, the November segment Homebrew Helper will continue. In fact, since I’m always off on Sunday, that’ll probably be the easiest thing for me to keep up.

The “daily” aspect of the Adventure Rules schedule is going to go away for the month. I considered doing significantly shorter posts so I could continue posting every day, but honestly, that isn’t my style. I’m a long-winded person who doesn’t communicate well in short thoughts, and I don’t want to create subpar content just to meet a schedule. I’d rather post good stuff when I can in hopes that my readers really enjoy it.

Also taking a break is the “9:00 AM EST” part of the schedule. Most likely, my posts will be around 6:00 PM EST. But again, no promises. If you’re really concerned about seeing content right when it goes up, you can always follow the blog and then change your follow settings so that you get e-mails when I post.

Readers, I really am sorry about missing so many days as of late, and for these schedule changes which I’m sure may be frustrating to some people. Lack of follow-through is something this blog was intended to fight, but I guarantee that this is not me burning out or slowly phasing Adventure Rules out of my life. Things should get better next week, because there won’t be two holidays (my birthday counts) causing me to constantly drive to other towns, and things will definitely get better by December. In the meantime, I will do my best to deliver truly quality content for you to read.

If you’re reading this and have never read Adventure Rules before, you may be interested in checking out other content. I recommend you go to the Home page on the blog, where you can check out all my recent posts. I highly recommend checking out last month’s fanfic, Pokemon PI, particularly if you love spooky things. Also, you could check out last month’s special segment, Give Me the Creeps, where I talk about what video game monsters – well, give me the creeps. Of course, there’s always Tabletop Tuesday, where I talk about a tabletop board game or RPG instead of a video game.

If you’re reading this and you have been a fan of Adventure Rules for awhile, just stick around and things will get back to normal. I’m going to do my best to keep the blog going strong. Just think of this as the part of any good video game where the hero has to suffer a setback before unlocking a new power or defeating an incredible villain. I’m counting on you all to be the amazing supporting cast, the characters I’ve met all throughout the adventure whose smiling faces flash before my eyes just before I strike the final blow against tyranny.

Or in this case, holiday commercialism.

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