Sneak Peak at November Content

Hey, readers! The month of Halloween (as my wife calls it) has almost ended, and a new month is on the horizon. It begins this Sunday with a rather exciting event – my birthday!

Yep, on the very first day of November I’m turning – well, old enough that the traveling party in most JRPG’s would consider me the old man in the group. My plans for that day include spending time with my family during the day and playing a mildly late Halloween game of Dread in the night.

November is also National Novel Writing Month, an event I had every intention of participating in…and then my workplace announced that November 1st would mark the beginning of holiday-related overtime, and I realized that doing NaNoWriMo would mean putting Adventure Rules on hold for a whole month. And I can’t be doing that.

Also in November is my three-year dating anniversary with my wife. Somehow she saw fit not only to keep me in her life for that long, but also to make that arrangement way more invasive and permanent. So I’ll be celebrating that, though I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any kind of special themed post or anything.

So what can you, the readers, expect from this blog in November? Well some things will not be changing – Tabletop Tuesday is a segment that comes easily to me and that you as readers appear to enjoy, so I’ll be keeping that bad boy around for quite some time. Monster Fighting League will continue to be on Wednesdays, and Fanfic Friday will still be around.

Of course, the Fanfic will be different. In November I’m writing a more humorous fanfiction, a parody piece based around my favorite series – The Legend of Zelda. I don’t want to reveal too many details, but I hope you all are excited to see Link on the blog and to have a more humorous fanfiction on the horizon.

Give Me the Creeps is going away, but what is replacing it as the new monthly segment? I honestly am not sure. I’ve got a few ideas bouncing around but none of them are quite ready to introduce to the world just yet. I’ve got a couple more days to figure it out though, right?

One new segment I know I am going to introduce is a review segment, giving you all my opinions of new games I have recently experienced. I’m going to try to find a twist so that it isn’t just one more guy posting one more opinion in the exact same format on the internet. But reviews are something I’m drawn to as both a reader and a writer, so I hope you all enjoy them as they begin to come around.

November is going to be a busy but very exciting month! I ask that you are patient with any scheduling issues that may come up in the next couple of weeks – overtime at work is hitting hardest right after my birthday, and while I will do my best to keep the blog from being impacted, my relationship with my wife and son will always come first. Oh, and my personal health, I guess.

I hope you all are excited for another month of Adventure Rules!

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