I’m Taking a Nap, and You Should Too

Hey readers, I know today would ordinarily be the day for an episode of Monster Fighting League. However, that’s not gonna be happening. Adventure Rules is taking a hiatus today, but will return with normal programming tomorrow.

Why a hiatus? Frankly, I’m tired. Not tired of blogging. Just tired. And with a very busy weekend ahead of me, I want to take advantage of my weeknights to simply rest and relax. Trust me when I say that my fiction segments – Monster Fighting League and Fanfic Friday – are the most draining posts on the blog. So while I will get my act together for the final episode of Pokemon PI this Friday, I need to take a small break.

I apologize if this is disappointing to any fans of Monster Fighting League. However, like Zelda U (or should I call it Zelda NX at this point?), this story will only be better because of the delay. My mental/emotional health is very important to the quality of my writing, and writing something as detailed and involved as a fiction piece when I’m not at my best is a pretty lousy idea.

In the meantime, this is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on Monster Fighting League. It’s a fun story about where monsters go in their free time, and a human child who ends up there in a weird twist of fate. If you want to check out that story, you can start here.

Or maybe you didn’t know about Pokemon PI, the story of a detective who investigates the paranormal crimes of the world of Pokemon. The finale is this week, and today would be an amazing opportunity to read parts of the story that you missed, or to start it for the first time. And you can find all the parts in one convenient place right here.

Maybe fiction isn’t your thing, and that’s okay. Just click the “Home” button on the blog and you can look through all of my recent posts, plenty of which are not fiction related but instead deal with video games, tabletop RPGs, and the ridiculous-yet-real things that happen to me in my real-life quest. Just because Adventure Rules is taking a nap today doesn’t mean there’s no content for you to enjoy!

Tune in tomorrow for the return to our regularly scheduled programming here on Adventure Rules. And if you too are tired, take a nap. I highly recommend it!

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