New Schedule! Adventure Rules Update 1.4

Readers, today’s post will be short, sweet, and to the point. But I’ve got plans to make up for it.

A little while back I announced that Adventure Rules would be going from a daily schedule to a Monday through Friday schedule. I cited reasons like “I need a couple of days to rest” and “I don’t have time to get that much writing done.” Well that was the old me. The me that was still getting acclimated to the blogging world. The me that procrastinated on blogging the same way I procrastinate on everything else.

The thing is, I love doing this. Writing has always been something I’ve been passionate about, but for a long time, getting motivated to write was a serious roadblock for me. But with this nifty blog here, I suddenly have a really good reason to write on a regular basis: I’m letting down an audience if I don’t.

It helps that I am writing content that I love. I loved Fanfic Friday so much that I wanted to add Monster Fighting League. I love MFL too, so much so that at work I find myself planning WAY ahead in the story, anxiously looking forward to being able to come home and work on it.

Here’s the thing about adding all this fiction, though – there’s now way less time for the content that most of you followed me for in the first place. The whole tag line of the site – Gaming’s Solutions to Real-Life Problems – has fallen to the wayside. On a five day schedule, with two days dedicated to fiction, there are only three days a week for my usual content, and one of them is a themed day so it’s ALWAYS on a particular thing.

Long story short, I feel like adding fiction is a great thing for the site. Or maybe just for me. But me being happy is definitely good for the site. However, if we’re going to have so many days of the week dedicated to specific segments, then we need to utilize all the other days of the week for classic content.

With that in mind, Adventure Rules will now be returning to a seven day schedule! That’s right, Saturday and Sunday will now be receiving the same love and care as all the weekdays. Posts will still go up at the same time: roughly 9 AM eastern time. I say roughly because half the time, I come home from work to discover that the WordPress scheduler has not posted my post automatically as planned. But hey, that’s technology.

I hope you all are excited for more Adventure Rules, because I sure am!

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