New Original Series! Adventure Rules Update 1.3

Hey, readers! I’ve got an announcement about something new starting up next Wednesday.

So the beginning of Fanfic Friday has reminded me just how much I enjoy writing fiction. Now don’t get me wrong, I love creating the more “blog-ish” posts for Adventure Rules, and those are not going away. However, I want to spend more than just one day a week on fiction. I also want to have an ongoing series, something that stays the same over time, to counterbalance the fact that Fanfic Friday will have a different story each month.

I also want to include original work on the site. Obviously, each blog post is original, and the plot and characters of each fanfic are original. But I’d like to include something written completely by me, worldbuilding and all, to be a regular part of the blog every week.

“Well what’s it gonna be?”

Great question, readers! Because the blog is about video games, I’ve chosen to create a world inspired by the mechanics and tropes in video games. Specifically, the idea of monsters. These terrifying beasts are seemingly born the moment an adventurer steps outside of the safety of a town gate – but what happens after that? What happens to the monsters that adventurers run from, or that manage to kill the pesky humans they fight?

They fight each other, of course!

Each Wednesday, I’ll be posting an episode of a story I call Monster Fighting League (get it? Like NFL, except MFL. Haha. Ha). ¬†Anyway, the story will focus on the daily lives of monsters who live and fight in this league. There’ll be action, laughs, drama, romance, and friendship. And even though this won’t be based on any particular video game, I’m gonna be including all sorts of references and nods to all the games that inspired the story in the first place.

I hope that you all are intrigued by the idea of original fiction on the blog, and that you’ll both read and enjoy the story starting next Wednesday when it premiers. And for those of you who follow the blog not for fiction but for quizzes, Moral of the Story, and other similar segments, I hope that one more day of fiction won’t affect your enjoyment of the blog. There are still three days a week dedicated to the classic content of Adventure Rules. So stick around for that!

If you’re excited for the upcoming changes, be sure to let me know in the comments. Tomorrow will be a regular ole day, Friday will premiere Part 2 of Pokemon PI, and then next week we’ll have the pilot episode of MFL on Wednesday. There’s a lot to be excited about, so be sure not to miss one moment of the fun on Adventure Rules!

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