Bomberman is the Bomb-Diggity

A few video games have stayed with me throughout my life. Characters like Mario and Link have always been a part of my world. As a kid, there were some other characters that I loved just as much. And although their games have mostly faded to obscurity these days, I still think back on their... Continue Reading →

Invisible Walls

One of the most frustrating aspects of playing a video game is the invisible wall. If you're not a gamer, imagine it like this. You're in a really cool place you've never been to before. The environment is beautiful and there are so many options and cool things to do that you have no idea... Continue Reading →

When Life Gives You Hero Points

It's Tabletop Tuesday again, and today we're going to take some advice from the first tabletop RPG I ever played: Mutants and Masterminds. For those of you who could potentially be unfamiliar with the concept of a tabletop RPG, I'll offer an explanation. If you've heard of Dungeons and Dragons, you've at least heard of... Continue Reading →

Weird Plotlines of N64 Games

One of the fondest (and funniest) memories from my honeymoon involves trying to explain the plotline of an old video game to my wife. We were driving from our cabin/resort to a city about forty miles away. We hadn't slept much, predominantly due to the season finale of The Legend of Korra followed by a... Continue Reading →

Adventure Rules Update 1.1

Alright, today's post is not on a topic per se. Think of this as an update, letting you as a reader know what to expect in the coming days. "An update? This blog started two weeks ago! Why do you need an update?" Great question! You see, because this blog started two weeks ago, I'm still searching... Continue Reading →

6 More Essential Spells for Parents

Last Tuesday I posted about the 7 Wizard Spells that Every Parent Needs, courtesy of Dungeons and Dragons. But those spells didn't cover the plethora of scenarios in which magic could be helpful to a parent. So today let's talk about some more spells that are both practical and simple. These spells come from the... Continue Reading →

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