Multiplayer Week! Adventure Rules Update 1.2

Alright, readers, it’s time to announce a special event going on this coming week. For the next five days on Adventure Rules, we’ll be having what I’m calling Multiplayer Week!

“What’s Multiplayer Week?” Great question! Multiplayer Week is a celebration of the fact that video games are the most fun when played with other people. It’s a week dedicated to inviting new people to experience Adventure Rules for the first time.

“So you’re trying to get clicks?” Seriously, it’s not like that. I’ve mentioned in past posts that my goal with the blog is to serve as something of a writing exercise. I’m challenging myself to write more often, and to create content that other people really want to read. Spreading the blog to new viewers doesn’t get me any kind of monetary benefit or special reward or anything. It’s simply validation; if people really want to read Adventure Rules, then I know that I am growing as a writer and that I am entertaining people.

“How does it work?” Each day this week, I challenge you to show the day’s post to one person you think might enjoy it. If you really want to go above and beyond, share the post on your preferred form of social media. Whether your method is to reblog on Tumblr or to lean over and say “hey, spouse, check this out,” you’ll be participating in Multiplayer Week and helping Adventure Rules to grow!

“So what’s in it for me?” Well, besides the joy of helping a new blogger blossom, you get the fun of sharing something you enjoy with people you enjoy being around. Just like Smash Brothers or Mario Kart is more fun with four people instead of one, Adventure Rules is more enjoyable when you have someone there to talk about it with. Whether it’s comparing quiz results, arguing different sides of a debate, or talking about your favorite characters in a game franchise, each post is more exciting when it’s more interactive.

“Do I have to participate in Multiplayer Week?” Of course not. Maybe you don’t know anyone who would like Adventure Rules, or maybe you’re picky about what you share on social media, or maybe the idea of being a pawn in my pathetic attempt to get views has somehow wiggled its way into your head. Whatever the case, you can still read and enjoy on your own just like usual. But if you really have a good time reading the blog and you know someone else who might have fun too, what harm is there in telling them about it?

I’m going to do my best to bring you all some grade-A content this week. Particularly, I’m excited for the debut of Fanfic Friday. I hope you all are excited as well, and I look forward to seeing you AND your friends here on Adventure Rules throughout the week!

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