Bomberman is the Bomb-Diggity

A few video games have stayed with me throughout my life. Characters like Mario and Link have always been a part of my world. As a kid, there were some other characters that I loved just as much. And although their games have mostly faded to obscurity these days, I still think back on their glory days fondly. And Bomberman is the best bomber to have ever bombed bombs.

Bomberman games were always about strategy. His bombs don’t create a huge radius of fire and death – instead, they send out four short, straight lines in the compass directions. Tactical bomb placement is key – if you trap yourself against a wall, you’ll blow yourself up and lose a life. You have to make sure that the explosion will catch the enemy off-guard and reach them while also protecting yourself from harm.

This little guy had all the elements from all the best games. Powerups made his bomb capacity increase, his explosions reach farther, his feet move faster, and even allowed him to do stunts like kick or throw his bombs. Bomberman also sported a number of attachments like a helicopter topknot, a jetpack, sled shoes, and even submarine pants he could use to move around underwater. And if that’s not enough, Bomberman even had pet monsters that you could train and battle in an arena. Because no one else had that, and they definitely didn’t base an entire franchise on it.

I’m not sure what ever made Bomberman fall out of fashion. Maybe the whole “bomb” thing was a little too much suspension of disbelief for parents to handle. But hey, that doesn’t mean that Bomberman wasn’t a great game back in the day (oh dear, double negative).

“Wait, how does this help us in real life? Isn’t that the point of this blog?” I’m getting to that, no worries.

See, in the same way that Bomberman is still a good game even though those games aren’t really around anymore, the friends from your past are still important (saved it!). We have a tendency to look back on the past with sunglasses. “Bomberman was actually lame because the story wasn’t that engrossing.” “His character was bland and uninteresting.” “They stole from Pokemon.” We look at the bad stuff because the person isn’t in our life anymore instead of focusing on the good we enjoyed with them back in the day.

Yeah, maybe there’s a reason Bomberman isn’t running even with Mario and Link anymore. But he was still a really cool guy, and he deserves to be respected for the cool games he participated in before he kicked the virtual bucket. In the same way, if you have a friendship you look back on with some negative feelings, perhaps it’s time to remember what made that friendship cool in the first place.

Okay, maybe I just wanted to talk about Bomberman. But I tried.

Are there any games that aren’t around anymore that you remember fondly? Discuss it in the comments so we can all reminisce about the good times.

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