Adventure Rules Update 1.1

Alright, today’s post is not on a topic per se. Think of this as an update, letting you as a reader know what to expect in the coming days.

“An update? This blog started two weeks ago! Why do you need an update?” Great question! You see, because this blog started two weeks ago, I’m still searching to find my niche. I’m testing the waters to see what is working for me and what is not, putting my writing skills to the test while also trying to entertain the people reading this blog.

So allow me to express my current feelings by comparing them to video games (WHAT?!). Have you heard of the video game series called Assassin’s Creed? You probably have. It began as a very well-written, fascinating exploration of history from the perspective of a modern man being exposed to the memories of his ancestors. The story was brilliant, each game brought something new to the table, and the series took off. People loved it.

So Ubisoft gets into to the end of their story and has to decide what to do going forward. They decide that the best idea, financially speaking, is to start making at least one of these games every year. People love them, right? So the best thing to do is take advantage of that love and bring in the dough!

Here’s the problem, though. What used to be a series of steps in a well-written, fascinating story has become a cash grab. With only a year between games, there’s no time to add any truly significant features or change up the formula. Assassin’s Creed has become formulaic, and while the series certainly still sells, they’ve lost some customers (such as myself) who don’t want to play a game that literally comes out again every year with a new skin on it.

Okay, now for the part where I make my point. Posting on Adventure Rules every single day is killing my creative juices. With no rest period to speak of, I am literally just cobbling together ideas at the last second just to make sure I get a post up every day. It cuts into the quality of my work. I’ve become Assassin’s Creed, making my content stale by pushing myself to create it constantly.

So here’s the plan. For the foreseeable future, I will only be posting on Adventure Rules on Monday through Friday. Weekends are off. This is not just a decision on a creative level – most of my more loyal readers are a little less active as readers on the weekends. It makes more sense for all of us to take a break together, and for me to come back on Monday with some actual ideas under my belt.

For those of you on Facebook and WordPress who keep an eye out for my posts and read Adventure Rules regularly, I want to say thanks. I do this to train myself, yes, but even just having 10 or so people who are entertained by this exercise makes it more worthwhile. I’m glad that you are entertained by my quirky and ridiculous sense of humor. I hope that this decision doesn’t just help my peace of mind, but that it also helps me bring my best work to you.

This will be the only change for now. I am considering a monthly approach to my Friday posting schedule, where each month I would do a different theme. Tabletop Tuesday will probably be sticking around for quite some time, but Final Friday is already wearing kind of thin for me. Maybe it’s less about needing a new idea each month and more about choosing my ideas based on merit and not on catchy names.

I turn to you, readers. What do you think about a new Friday theme for every month? If you like the idea, what kind of themes would you be interested in seeing? Some ideas I have on deck are Freaky Friday (with October just around the corner), Fire Friday (posts based on one of my favorite series, Fire Emblem), and Fanfic Friday (where I write a comedic short story based in the world of a video game). Let’s make this process interactive so that Adventure Rules becomes more fun for everyone!

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