Four Masks You Need in College

I love the Legend of Zelda series. I’ve wanted to be Link when I grew up since I first drew the Master Sword from its pedestal. And if I could pick one series from which all the magical items could be real, I would choose Zelda. In most games, special items are only good for one thing: killing stuff. And I have found that during my life, killing stuff doesn’t come up all that often.

In the game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (henceforth referred to simple as Majora’s Mask), there are a total of 24 magical masks with varying effects and usefulness. While some are pretty lacking in the usefulness department – when will I ever need to blow up my own face? – four of these masks struck me as quite valuable during a particular time of life: college.

College can be a challenging experience, both educationally and emotionally. So let’s check out the magical masks that will make it more bearable.

Mask #1: Kamaro’s Mask
While my personal college experience didn’t involve any partying, plenty of people like to cut loose after a rough week of homework and extracurricular activities. But you know the annoying thing about parties? You’re usually expected to dance. So if you can’t dance, what should be fun and relaxing suddenly becomes embarrassing and nerve-wracking.
Luckily, Kamaro’s Mask is there for you. When you don Kamaro’s Mask, it gives you all the talent of a departed dancing master. Your dancing becomes highly skillful and thought-provoking. People will all scramble to find out who you are. And they’ll think you’re super-cool. The mask could potentially be useful in dance class as well. I certainly needed it…

Mask #2: Bunny Hood
“Seriously? Bunny ears?” Let me ask you something. Do you like sleeping in? Do you hate getting caught in traffic on the way to class? Do you wish you had more than five minutes between classes to walk halfway across campus?
Okay, that was three somethings, but you get the idea. The Bunny Hood gives you the ability to run twice your normal speed. So with this nifty item, the time you would normally spend walking will be cut in half. So go ahead. Sleep that extra five minutes. Don’t leave for class until thirty seconds before it starts. Because you’ll never have to worry about being late again.

Mask #3: Stone Mask
No, this is not a mask for looking alert when you’re actually stoned. In fact, this mask has quite a different effect on your appearance. When you wear the Stone Mask and stand perfectly still, you become completely invisible to anyone who looks at you.
The applications are endless. You’re completely prepared for any game of manhunt. You can prank your roommate. You can hide from that annoying guy who always talks to you after class that you secretly don’t like. And you can sit in the cafeteria in peace without someone walking up to you all “oh my gosh you’re alone and reading a book, your life must be so empty and sad!”

Mask #4: All-Night Mask
I feel like this one speaks for itself, but I’m gonna explain anyway. This mask lets you stay awake all night long, presumably with no negative side effects.
I can count the number of all-nighters I pulled in college on one hand. But I remember each one. None of them were fun. With this mask, you can stay up to study for finals without worrying about losing sleep. You’ll have plenty of energy to focus on studying the whole night. Too bad there’s not a mask to keep you from wanting to check Facebook every two and a half minutes.

If you’ve played Majora’s Mask, then you know there are plenty of other masks available in the game. Which mask would you use to improve your college experience? Let me know in the comments! There’s always room for a sequel…

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