Moral of the Story: Mario Top 5

It's time for another edition of Moral of the Story! If you missed the first segment on the last Final Friday, you can check it out here. For those in need of a quick reminder, Moral of the Story is a top 5 list of my favorite characters. After explaining the character's story and why I... Continue Reading →

When Life is just Too Easy

I get it. Sometimes, people just get in a rut. You're doing the same thing all the time, automatically, like clockwork. It's boring. You feel like you're not really accomplishing anything. It's times like this when life could use a difficulty setting. See, in video games, it's easy. All you have to do is turn... Continue Reading →

If Everyone Ate Like Kirby

If you've ever played a Kirby video game (or Super Smash Brothers), then you know exactly how this pink puffball works. Inhale an enemy, swallow it whole, gain its powers, and then regurgitate to get a new power. It's a useful talent that makes Kirby quite versatile. And this got me thinking: "what if we... Continue Reading →

Bomberman is the Bomb-Diggity

A few video games have stayed with me throughout my life. Characters like Mario and Link have always been a part of my world. As a kid, there were some other characters that I loved just as much. And although their games have mostly faded to obscurity these days, I still think back on their... Continue Reading →

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